Sketch 4 – Bugatti


Car JigSaw
You Make The World Go 'Round


14 Responses to “Flash”

  1. TimeWaster is good!

  2. Heh, thank you. Does it’s job, no?

  3. Due to the fact that the reply to that came a month later I’ll really take that as a job well done 🙂

  4. love the site, one of my few sites that get tabbed 😛 nice work

  5. Thanks a lot. Appreciate the comment. I have been a little busy, so I haven’t done much flash, but now that exams are over soon I’ll definitely post more.

  6. sweet, can hardly wait

  7. man push is 1337…. any chance i can have a look at the source code….? *looks hopeful*

  8. You don’t even need to. I will post a link to the tutorial that let me make it.


  9. Sorry, paradox.. you once told me what program you use, but I forgot it. What was it?

  10. macromedia flash i presume

  11. Yep, Flash 8, but I think that any flash will do since the code is basically some algebra and coordinate geometry. (Not written by me though, Spoono.com for the tut) FYI Richard, I registered on your forum, it looks promising.

  12. oh ty 😛

    also its only starting out, im very slow at advertising 😛 i completely forgot that i put it on this page 😛

  13. 14 muhamadsoleh

    Muhamad Soleh

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