14 Responses to “Flash”

  1. TimeWaster is good!

  2. Heh, thank you. Does it’s job, no?

  3. Due to the fact that the reply to that came a month later I’ll really take that as a job well done 🙂

  4. love the site, one of my few sites that get tabbed 😛 nice work

  5. Thanks a lot. Appreciate the comment. I have been a little busy, so I haven’t done much flash, but now that exams are over soon I’ll definitely post more.

  6. sweet, can hardly wait

  7. man push is 1337…. any chance i can have a look at the source code….? *looks hopeful*

  8. You don’t even need to. I will post a link to the tutorial that let me make it.


  9. Sorry, paradox.. you once told me what program you use, but I forgot it. What was it?

  10. macromedia flash i presume

  11. Yep, Flash 8, but I think that any flash will do since the code is basically some algebra and coordinate geometry. (Not written by me though, Spoono.com for the tut) FYI Richard, I registered on your forum, it looks promising.

  12. oh ty 😛

    also its only starting out, im very slow at advertising 😛 i completely forgot that i put it on this page 😛

  13. 14 muhamadsoleh

    Muhamad Soleh

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