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Zooomr Portals


After my post about Snakes on a Plane, I’ve received a complaint (well, not really) that I’m more aggressive, so I guess I should talk about something nice now. Yesterday, Zooomr released something called Portals. This involves a graphic link to another photo, inside a photo. This is useful when you have zooms of an […]

Zooomr Test


F10_2006_0405_171735Hosted on Zooomr

I take some pretty nice photos, so I figured I should post one. Took this today, downtown Toronto. Please check out my Zooomr page for more. 

Ok, well since I was granted the Pro Zooomr account I am taking full advante of it, and uploading a ton of pics. If you want to see them, please click the My Zooomr link on the sidebar, or just click [here] Here are some thubnails:

Long Exposure


I got a change to go skiing today, and on the way back I snapped this awesome photo. I was playing around with long exposure on my Finepix F10. Click for large view.