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Flash – Push


Well, like I promised, I wouldmake something new in flash, so I did. I went over to, and using one of their awesome tutorials made this little..effect here. Nothing major, but at least I'm out of my flash "slump" and doing something. Maybe I will be able to somehow make a gamoe out of […]

Just another little flash thing I made. It’s kind of buggy until I figure out to make it run smoother, but I hope you like it. You Make The World Go ‘Round

Flash Calendar


Ok, well with lack of posts lately I thought I’d write something out. Right now I am working on a small flash project which is a calendar. I will try to make it a collaborative project, to try and fill as many days as possible with events. Right now I am actually placing all the […]

Nothing special, really, but nevertheless Martini

Hey, just posting the flash WWII battles timeline I did for a history project. It is in french though, so if you don’t speak fracais, enjoy the styling and the pretty pictures. WWII



This is a new little flash thingamajig, which is just an elaboration of the Scatter game. Apparently it achieves its little goal. TimeWaster

Saw this one on jayisgames today, and this game is really something. gogo Happy and Smile doesn’t have a fitting title (this can be argued), but it’s one of the best side-scrollers since Alien Hominid, which was awesome. The game takes some play from there, but it’s very nicely stylized, and features really awesome music. […]