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Molson Indy.


Hey, everybody, been away for a long time, now with some news. Went to the Molson Indy in T.O., but missed all the good stuff, so just went into the showroom to stare in awe at some pretty nice race/street/old/cool cars! Yeah! Everyone loves those! Between a lot of Nissan 350z, Corvettes and a porsche […]

If you live in Toronto and you're a bit of a geek – this is for you. With another big sale FutureShop is selling 512 mb USB memory for 15 bucks, 256 USB memory for 10 bucks and a wireless G router for 10 bucks as well. Me – I bought all three. Also, I […]

This thursday, I walked out onto the streets of Toronto to find all the Dose boxes missing. This pissed me off as much as it surprised me. Then, when I was at a friends house, we went onto the Dose website to find a link called "Dose is changing". There was a short message from […]