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Zooomr Portals


After my post about Snakes on a Plane, I’ve received a complaint (well, not really) that I’m more aggressive, so I guess I should talk about something nice now. Yesterday, Zooomr released something called Portals. This involves a graphic link to another photo, inside a photo. This is useful when you have zooms of an […]

Intro Ok well, I decided that I want to try flock. With all that hype about its amazing blogging tools, flickr integration and other goodies, I decided that I have to try it. After using it for about a day, I have some mixed reactions, so I thought I would share them with you. I […]

If any of you read the Digg story, or just kind of came across this you know that Yahoo!, once again saying "Me too!" released an online website dedicated to technology. Since I was already registered on Yahoo! I figured I should try it out. First of all, I use CNET a lot. I read […]

Today I went to fix up my Flash page which got destroyed when I switched themes, and I found something very interesting. Something that looks like this: Is it me, or is this new? Apparently WordPress put it a better image inserting system without telling me! It shows dimensions, allows you to put a black […]

Today when I was signing into Rogers Yahoo! Mail I was greeted by a pleasant surprise. The Mail beta went very public, and it’s inviting everyone, me included. At first I was greeted by an annoying loading screen (see below) but it went away fast enough. Shortly after the new interface loaded, and I was […]

I was floating arond the internet recently and I came across a few references to the fact that iTunes sucks. Apparently it’s not functional and hogs system resourses. I got a nano not too long ago, and I got around to using iTunes a lot, and I love it. These posts though, alarmed me. Maybe […]

Digg Effect


Like many many others, I use digg. Digg is a great way to find some cool new websites, read some cool news, and kill time. Especially kill time. There is one seriously annoying thing about it though. The digg effect. When a popular link shows up on digg, all the diggers flock to that link, […]