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Hey, everybody, I’m not dead! (ty, WickedBeggar) and guess what? I’m exited about the new iTunes! You know why? iPod games, of course! Are you kidding me? That’s like the only reason why I bought an iPod in the first place! Of course, that movie store thing, and the iTV dealie is kinda interesting too, […]

I was floating arond the internet recently and I came across a few references to the fact that iTunes sucks. Apparently it’s not functional and hogs system resourses. I got a nano not too long ago, and I got around to using iTunes a lot, and I love it. These posts though, alarmed me. Maybe […]

As some of you (like 10) know, I recently got a 2gb black nano. Since I had it for about two weeks now, I figured I should write a mini-review about it. Thing is though, everyone already knows about all the big things like battery life, click wheel and things like that, so I will […]

It’s been coming for a while now. My mp3 player right now is a 128 mb Benq Joybee 210. 128 FREAKING mb. That’s 1 CD! And although I love it dearly, I also hate it with a passion (wait, did that make sense?), so it’s time to get myself a 2 gig nano. First things […]