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OK come on now. I dig the name (there is a good reason for it after all) but come on. Wii? As in "I'm gonna play with my wii all night long" and advertisements saying "grab your wii now"? I don't thiink so! Come on nintendo, everybody loved the revolution, and this is highly unlike […]

From time to time I have some interesting ideas, but usually they get lost. Thanks to the magic of blogging, this one will get documented. Computers on a network can often share folders, meaning that people can use other peoples hard drives to good use. Well, what if all computer's resources could be shared? Imaging […]

Today I went to fix up my Flash page which got destroyed when I switched themes, and I found something very interesting. Something that looks like this: Is it me, or is this new? Apparently WordPress put it a better image inserting system without telling me! It shows dimensions, allows you to put a black […]

Today when I was signing into Rogers Yahoo! Mail I was greeted by a pleasant surprise. The Mail beta went very public, and it’s inviting everyone, me included. At first I was greeted by an annoying loading screen (see below) but it went away fast enough. Shortly after the new interface loaded, and I was […]

Zooomr Beta


No, that’s the right amout of o’s! Zooomr Beta is a giant rip off from Flickr, (hence the name) and I love it. Most functions are the same, many flickr’s funtions are lacking(hence the beta) but the browsing is AWESOME. They also got geo-tagging(which I don’t know how to use yet) and a bunch of […]

Ok, well I finally got an invite to try out Windows Live Messenger, and I am quite impressed. Although impressed may not be the right word here. I really like the updated look. Other than that, not much new stuff here I think. Uh, there’s the shared folders thing, which I won’t use because it […]