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This is a video from, and I think this is pretty cool. The style it’s done in, and the concept of phoenix rebirth is used with the heavy music, has a nice effect. technorati tags:microsoft, zune, advertisement, viral Blogged with Flock Advertisements

Ok, maybe that was a little harsh. I myself have an iPod, and am very happy with it, but it’s soon going to break, or I’m going to want to upgrade. Of course, my choices are a nano, iPod, some Sandisks, or the Zune. I think that the Zune has everything that I expected the […]

Hey, everybody, I’m not dead! (ty, WickedBeggar) and guess what? I’m exited about the new iTunes! You know why? iPod games, of course! Are you kidding me? That’s like the only reason why I bought an iPod in the first place! Of course, that movie store thing, and the iTV dealie is kinda interesting too, […]

Zooomr Portals


After my post about Snakes on a Plane, I’ve received a complaint (well, not really) that I’m more aggressive, so I guess I should talk about something nice now. Yesterday, Zooomr released something called Portals. This involves a graphic link to another photo, inside a photo. This is useful when you have zooms of an […]

Intro Ok well, I decided that I want to try flock. With all that hype about its amazing blogging tools, flickr integration and other goodies, I decided that I have to try it. After using it for about a day, I have some mixed reactions, so I thought I would share them with you. I […]

Hey, everybody! Big day today, 512 mb and 17" worth. I went over the FutureShop, with my fried Kingston DataTraveler, and got a new one withing 2 minutes. Best service ever. After that, I headed over to Canada Computers and picked up my new Samsung SyncMaster 740n. 17", 600:1 contrast, it's awesome. I love the […]

This is quite the curious incident. I was sitting on my computer yesterday (not literally) with my trusty Kingston DataTraveler plugged in. Then, the electricity went out. I started freaking out because a few days back I opened my case and gave it a good dusting, so I thought I screwed it up. Then I […]