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Yeah, well I’m sure that most of you have heard of Snakes On A Plane. You know, SNAKES ON THE MOTHER****ING PLANE! It opened recently, and you know what? I’m not gonna watch it, because the brainwashed kid that I am, I listed to the Internet, which tells me that it’s stupid. (Wait, maybe I […]

Ok well, I haven’t been posting ANYTHING lately, and really, the quality of my blogging is really starting to slide. I’m writing a crackload of essays in english, and it’s putting a major dent in my writing energy. In fact english almost made me hate writing, reading and speaking so all I end up doing […]

I got a chance to look at a few movies and I decided to post my opinion about them. Wedding Crashers – OK movie. Wasn’t nearly as funny as I expected, there were some majorly creepy parts, but I enjoyed it overall. Dukes Of Hazzard – I liked it too, the car was cool, and […]

The Animatrix


I was in for quite a treat today, as when I was at a friends house I was able to FINALLY watch the Animatrix. This is a series of cartoons (9 of them) that are a pretext to the Matrix. Each cartoon is stylized very differently from others. Each has a distinct theme, a distinct […]