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  When someone told me that there is a book that is better than the Da Vinci code, I didn't believe them. Then they said it's written by the same guy, and is very similar. I had to check it out, and after doing so I realised – not only is it better, it's a […]

A short review? I realise that I have not been reading much lately, so I decided to post a short review of a book I DID manage to read. First of all, I read the Alchemist half a year ago on a plane. Maybe it was the plane, or maybe it was the book but […]

“A theory states that if a person was to figure out exactly what the universe it, and why it is here, and how it works, it would right away disappear and be replaced by something else, even more irrational. Another theory states that this has already happened.” The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy blew me […]