This blog has been going downhill for a while now, so I think I may close it down completely sometime soon. Might stay alive if I find more inspiration, but it’s likely that it’s gonna be gone soon. Well.. later all…


7 Responses to “Downhill”

  1. Wow Wow!!! Hang on a minute. I get some bad times too… like the past 5 months… I haven’t been feeling inspired at all. But hang on in there – or if you feel you can’t anymore… at least leave the blog up… as a legacy to yourself on the web… lol.

    Seriously… sorry to hear you feel this way though. I enjoyed reading it!

  2. 2 aglocozine

    this blog really help me much about deleting my wordpress blog.
    thank’s anyway.


  3. 3 Virgil

    no posts in 3 years… wow… so… are you going to delete it? (i really should start thinking of other names for a blog… it seems all that i’d want are taken :(( )
    could you PLEASE contact me if you delete it? thanx

  4. 4 Virgil

    oh… you can answer here… I checked that “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” :p
    thanx again

  5. 5 Sam

    hello. Sorry to bother and I guess a lots of people ask you this, but are you gone use this blog from now on…cause I want to same name on my blog as you have. Maybe you can consider that if you don’t use it, maybe you can help someone else. Thank you.

  6. Are you going to delete this site yet? Curious bc ive been waiting to see if you were.. it shouldn’t be wasted

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