Agawa Canyon Trip


I know, I know this is seriously turning into a photo blog, but I just couldn’t resist 🙂 This is a trip to Agawa Canyon, a canyon near Sault Ste Marie. The scenery is very very nice there.


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8 Responses to “Agawa Canyon Trip”

  1. 1 mooth

    wow, what a beatiful that close to Toronto? if so, there is one more reason why i want to know Canada

  2. Not especially close, about 700km. It’s Sault Ste Marie. And yeah, it really is nice.

  3. 3 mooth

    hehe, far away..btw, you live in toronto, right?

  4. Yup 🙂 A great city too, actually. I think I should post some photos..

  5. 5 mooth

    yeah, i also think so 😉

  6. Would you please be kind enough as to give me this blog name in case you are no longer using it!!??

  7. BTW…… you got an amazing photographic skills……….. !! 🙂

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