Flipbook Fight


This is too cool for school. Wonder how long it took the person to make this. Insane. Also check out http://flipbook.co.kr.

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5 Responses to “Flipbook Fight”

  1. Wow… that must be one bored person. (Either that or he has a lot of time on his hands)

    And I also see a new site style? You’re about as bad as me… changing theme almost every month lol :p

  2. Yeah I do change, and sometimes it doesn’t change properly, which annoys me. I’m planning to switch to paid hosting soon, so I can just install K2 🙂

  3. Cool… that’s what I do lol.

  4. 4 gaminghobo

    That’s super sweet.

    And by the way if you purchase the CSS upgrade there’s a version of K2 for Sandbox. Pretty handy and cheaper than running WP yourself.

  5. Yeah, that really is cool, but I’m going to be using hosting for some other stuff as well, like photo galleries (zooomr just doesn’t have some stuff). I found hosting on asmallorange for 25 bucks a year. Dirt cheap.

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