Microsoft Zune – What the iPod Should Be


Ok, maybe that was a little harsh. I myself have an iPod, and am very happy with it, but it’s soon going to break, or I’m going to want to upgrade. Of course, my choices are a nano, iPod, some Sandisks, or the Zune. I think that the Zune has everything that I expected the new iPod to have, and the Zune has it first.

  • 3″ screen, vertical orientation. Obviously, everyone was hoping iPods would have that.
  • More codec support (I personally was hoping for that).
  • Music Videos! (Well..whatever)
  • Radio!
  • And most of all, sharing! I’ve been waiting so long for this!

The Zune lets you share your tunes with your friends, (not to mention pics and etc, this is too good). Zune is da bomb. At least, it seems that right now. Other than the poo coloured brown, it looks OK as well. I am exited about an mp3 player yet again. Finally, I’ve regained some faith in Microsoft.

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7 Responses to “Microsoft Zune – What the iPod Should Be”

  1. Thanks for the heads up – still doesn’t look as sexy as the new iPod nano, but it does have some really good features.

  2. Oye, nothing looks as nice as the new iPod nano! And it does, except for the small hard drive – only 30gb.

  3. They have to supply this with a decent battery. Looks like that display would eat up a lot of power.

  4. Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping for as well. If they can stick in a battery better than the video iPod, a lot of movie fans will be happy.

  5. OK folks – latest talk about Zune battery life is that it’ll have 12 hours for songs (while not connected to WiFi) and 3.5 hours for video payback. Hmm… you can draw your own conclusions on this one!

  6. Unspectacular. I feel less excited already.

  7. Hey wait, an analyst says we can “expect that”. That doesn’t mean anything! Microsoft can still surprise everyone with insane/better than average battery life, right?

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