iTunes7 – Colour me exited! (That’s blue)


Hey, everybody, I’m not dead! (ty, WickedBeggar) and guess what? I’m exited about the new iTunes! You know why? iPod games, of course! Are you kidding me? That’s like the only reason why I bought an iPod in the first place! Of course, that movie store thing, and the iTV dealie is kinda interesting too, but the games, the games! Anyways, I am of course still waiting for a nano with more memory, and maybe a bigger video iPod, and of course the iPhone, and core 2 duo laptops, and OS X Leopard, but you know what? This little conference is enough to keep me interested in what’s going on. Good jobs Steve Job! I mean good job..Steve..Jobs…sorry…


One Response to “iTunes7 – Colour me exited! (That’s blue)”

  1. Yeah, I just saw the updated Apple home page, and I have to say; Apple are movnig ahead very quickly! Those Nano’s certainly look more sexy! And yes I am also waiting for Leopard to come out because I’ve been considering making the switch. I’m just fed up of Windows crashing constantly and having to reinstall frequently. But I don’t really know whether I should switch or not. Windows of course is the primary OS on this planet, and I am so used to it that I really don’t know if I can live with an OS that doesn’t frequently crash. Lol.

    P.S. Once again; good to see you’re alive! 😛

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