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You gotta see this! Hilarity. technorati tags:internet explorer, firefox, smackdown, funny, humour Advertisements

Google is our dear and glorious leader (thanks zefrank), and with all the new stuff they’ve been releasing lately, I think they lost sight of the little things. Here’s a tiny, puny little idea that I posted over on The Wicked Beggar that I think would be really easy to implement, and people would enjoy […]

It’s a Lambo v8 engine, in a pretty Audi shell, selling for 100k. Not bad! 0-100km/h time is 4.6 (probably more). Oh, it’s also really sexy looking. technorati tags:cars, audi, lamborghini, sports

You know, every phone number you’ve ever had is somewhere in Pi? Completely? Does this trip anyone else out? technorati tags:infinity, numbers, math, pi, trippy

Flipbook Fight


This is too cool for school. Wonder how long it took the person to make this. Insane. Also check out technorati tags:youtube, flipbook, animation, robots

On this day, in 1970 one of the most talented, amazing rock artists of all time died. Jimi Hendrix was a brilliant musician, and of course, everyone misses him. His music still sounds fresh, even after 36 years, which is quite a feat for a dead guy. Songs like Hey Joe, Purple Haze and Izabella […]

This is a video from, and I think this is pretty cool. The style it’s done in, and the concept of phoenix rebirth is used with the heavy music, has a nice effect. technorati tags:microsoft, zune, advertisement, viral Blogged with Flock