Zooomr Portals


After my post about Snakes on a Plane, I’ve received a complaint (well, not really) that I’m more aggressive, so I guess I should talk about something nice now. Yesterday, Zooomr released something called Portals. This involves a graphic link to another photo, inside a photo. This is useful when you have zooms of an element. Go ahead and check out mine version at http://beta.zooomr.com/photos/paradox/150163 As you see, I like to use Zooomr to the max, so this pic is geotagged, tagged, portaled, described and .. that’s it. I want to congratulate Kristopher Tate on another great feature, I tried to stay up late to get to it first, but I just fell over.


One Response to “Zooomr Portals”

  1. reply to your comment : Dhoom was the cops vs. theives story with bikes , speed , babes and ultimately great racy music and some really cool dance sequences.
    No secret agents

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