France Lost


Why, oh why did Zidane do that. You know what, I’m not even going to capitalize his name. zidane did a stupid stupid thing. With no reason, he HEAD BUTTED an italian player. Who does that??? I am very very angry. What could he have possibly done? I’m glad Italy won. Forza Azzurri. Maybe next time Germany will pull through. People on St Claire ave are going crazy.

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7 Responses to “France Lost”

  1. Yeah, he was crazy at that. However, he allegedly said the italian guy had racially insulted him first.
    I’m gonna post the headbutt on my blog soon.

  2. Whether I was a justified thing to do or not: what a way for Zidane to end his professional football career! And well done Italy!

  3. *it was justified* not “I” lol 😛 oops

  4. he he, the headbut was funny

  5. Ugh, I wouldn’t say that. People kind of split up. Some say it’s hilarious, some say it’s an outrage. I for one, was freaked out. I think it was an incredibly stupid and not to mention WEIRD thing to do. A butthead headbutts. I guess he went out with a band and not a whimper. Although the other guy may have whimpered…

  6. Of course it was the stupidest thing to do ever!

  7. And from Zidane of all people! He’s usually so calm cool and collected!

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