Molson Indy.


Hey, everybody, been away for a long time, now with some news. Went to the Molson Indy in T.O., but missed all the good stuff, so just went into the showroom to stare in awe at some pretty nice race/street/old/cool cars! Yeah! Everyone loves those! Between a lot of Nissan 350z, Corvettes and a porsche or two, it was pretty fantastic, so if you wanna see some photos, please head over to my Zooomr page, and check it out!

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F10_2006_0707_175122F10_2006_0707_175122Hosted on Zooomr

F10_2006_0707_174615F10_2006_0707_174615Hosted on Zooomr

F10_2006_0707_175122F10_2006_0707_175122Hosted on Zooomr


3 Responses to “Molson Indy.”

  1. Those are some really nice cars there! And speaking of nice – so is your new blog theme!

  2. Thank you, I wish I could take some credit for it 🙂

  3. I like your diary. Allow to be friends!

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