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Hey, guys! I’m leaving for the airport in about 3 hours, and I’m going to be in Russia for a month, I’ll be back august 15th! Bye! Advertisements

Intro Ok well, I decided that I want to try flock. With all that hype about its amazing blogging tools, flickr integration and other goodies, I decided that I have to try it. After using it for about a day, I have some mixed reactions, so I thought I would share them with you. I […]

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France Lost


Why, oh why did Zidane do that. You know what, I’m not even going to capitalize his name. zidane did a stupid stupid thing. With no reason, he HEAD BUTTED an italian player. Who does that??? I am very very angry. What could he have possibly done? I’m glad Italy won. Forza Azzurri. Maybe next […]

Molson Indy.


Hey, everybody, been away for a long time, now with some news. Went to the Molson Indy in T.O., but missed all the good stuff, so just went into the showroom to stare in awe at some pretty nice race/street/old/cool cars! Yeah! Everyone loves those! Between a lot of Nissan 350z, Corvettes and a porsche […]