New USB key + Monitor


Hey, everybody! Big day today, 512 mb and 17" worth. I went over the FutureShop, with my fried Kingston DataTraveler, and got a new one withing 2 minutes. Best service ever. After that, I headed over to Canada Computers and picked up my new Samsung SyncMaster 740n. 17", 600:1 contrast, it's awesome. I love the room I have to work in flash, and so on. The cashier freaked me out saying that it's not going to be considered defective unless there are more than 7 dead pixels, but I found none, so it's all good. drhaisook I believe said he's going to be looking for a new monitor, so to him I say – Samsung's the bomb.

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7 Responses to “New USB key + Monitor”

  1. Liking the new style. Liked the old one better though. Meh, oh well…

  2. Yeah, I’m just testing this, see if I like it better. It might have to go soon though. I really wish I could use K2…

  3. Congrats on both the USB drive and the monitor!
    As to the mon., How does it behave in games/videos? Any ghosting?

  4. The mon is great. The colours are a bit off right now, and I will need to fiddle a bit. Response time is 8ms, so I saw no ghosting in videos. Games are yet to be tested.

  5. Well, good luck testing. I’m flying to Dubai next week, and I’ll give this one a look in the store.

  6. ๐Ÿ˜› u changed the skin back ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. Heh, yeah. I just think it’s more stylish. I dig the +sized header.

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