Fried USB Key Anyone?


This is quite the curious incident. I was sitting on my computer yesterday (not literally) with my trusty Kingston DataTraveler plugged in. Then, the electricity went out. I started freaking out because a few days back I opened my case and gave it a good dusting, so I thought I screwed it up. Then I noticed that all other electrical appliances are off as well, and after freaking out even more, I realised it's some grid failure. Sure enough, after 5 minutes when the electricity came back, I turned on my PC to see that my Kingston worked no more. Sure, the LED still lights up, but it's not recognized properly at all. No name, no size, no contents. I'm pissed to say the least.

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14 Responses to “Fried USB Key Anyone?”

  1. Oh.. that’s awful. Since the USB key doesn’t require driver installation, i.e. plug-n-play, it’s no logic to recommend re-installation.

    Have you tried to plug it into another computer?
    Is it still under warranty? Maybe you’d need a replacement? Maybe Kingston’s official Help pages would help…?

    Good Luck

  2. Hey, dr!

    Actually, you CAN uninstall drivers for it. And I did. And it didn’t help. Secondly, no I didn’t plug it into anything else. I’ll try. I think it’s still under warranty, I’m looking into that. I think I need a replacement..but I hope I can get this one to work. The official site I checked, and it was no help.

  3. try it on a differant computer, see if it works

  4. I had a Kingston USB Key some time ago (I still do) but I decided to only work on certain computers and delete my work from time to time. And I agree: the official website is totally useless for any help on these matters.

    @ drhaisook – Kingston USB Keys (and almost all others) have drivers hidden on them that install automatically when you plug it into a comp for the 1st time. That’s why the full published capacity of the USB key is not available to you. It’s used to store the drivers and other crap they put on there.

  5. @Wicked Beggar
    Actually, I was talking about the drivers that windows sets up, for proper recognition, so it doesn’t say “Found New Hardware” every time. If you get rid of those (and I did) then it finds it again. That didn’t help though.
    Also, this kingston, being the simplest model doesn’t have any security or drivers, so that’s not an issue. Sigh, I really hope I can get it working.

  6. Oh right… didn’t know you where talking about those drivers.

  7. nice new skin

  8. Thanks, I just thought that this one is more functional.

  9. otherone was easier to use 😛 but yea, ill live

  10. I have just found that i left my memory stick in my shorts and washed it… twice! But it’s survived! Lexar JumpDrive 1GB. I’d recommend it.

  11. Whoa, crazy! I guess that doesn’t prevent it from being fried though, lol!

  12. OMG, I just put my usb key in my windows comp to transfer stuff to my mac and it fried it. It literally will not work in either computer anymore, I think windows is out to get mac!!!

  13. hi, i just plugged my usb key into a windows LG pc it has xp pro and now it has stopped working and before it stopped working, it got burning hot …
    is it possible to recover ALL the data from it. it has important files i dont want to get off my pc again


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