Vista – My Two Roubles


OK well, there is a lot of hype about Windows Vista lately, and since everyone decided to share their opinions, the conformist that I am, I'm going to share mine. First of all, if macs ran windows apps, I would say screw you to windows and switch. But since they don't, and since because of that I will probably never have a mac, I'm going to have to deal with Vista eventually.

First of all, a lot of people say that Vista looks all nice and pretty, but even though I agree for the most part, I think that the weird close/minimize buttons don't suit me. Also, I'm kind of worried about being able to run it, although I'm probably going to buy a new computer soon. Also, if I'm going to buy a laptop sometime in the near future (and I am) then I'm worried about the complaints that Vista Aero is a giant battery hog.

Secondly, Vista better be more secure. There are no viruses for macs. None. Microsoft sure as hell better step it up in term of security, or I'm going to have to get a MacBook and dual boot (if not triple).

Thirdly, the search feature is integrated into Vista everywhere, but am I the only one worried that this will actually confuse some people who are used to the original system? And how is archiving going to work if you don't even use the folders? Or do you? Then what's the big deal?

Lastly, as any computer user I'm pretty exited, but seriously, is it ACTUALLY going to come out in January? Like..actually?

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6 Responses to “Vista – My Two Roubles”

  1. I’m switching ter Linux ( Read Ubuntu ) as soon as my Cds arrive.

  2. i highly reccomend a *NIX distro πŸ˜›
    than install WINE on it and you can run windows and mac applications πŸ˜›


  3. Macs do get viruses (search BBC News website for ‘apple virus’ and you get loads of stories), just not as many as Windows. And when they come around, someone has spent a while making them and they are damn sure it’s gonna do some damage! Also, the first ever virus hit Apple II computers.

  4. teen – I also heard good things about Suse. Make sure to visit, great blog about Dapper

    Richard – Of course I like the freedom, but after 4 years of troubleshooting I think I’m up for a computer that JUST FREAKIN’ WORKS (read Mac, unless those commercials are lying)

    freeworldbaby – Wow! You’re right! Thanks for the headsup! But come on, with .mac, backing up should be a breeze, and being careful will probably help too πŸ™‚

  5. Vista’s search function works faster than ever before but is once again a great resource hog and slows the system down significantly. Vista as you said – is being praised for it’s new look and it does look nice. It has some great feature in it that should have been implemented into Windows ages ago. But the most annoying thing about Vista that I found is the Windows User Account Manager that pops up every time you want to do something.

    If you want to see a few screenshots of my experiences with Vista visit this:

  6. Ah yes. That. I know about that. Thing is though, it’s supposed to get a little better with the release, so I’m not too worried about that. Those are some nice looking screenshots..pity that the underlying code can’t always back it up…

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