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Well, like I promised, I wouldmake something new in flash, so I did. I went over to spoono.com, and using one of their awesome tutorials made this little..effect here. Nothing major, but at least I'm out of my flash "slump" and doing something. Maybe I will be able to somehow make a gamoe out of this. I'm thinking of putting a picture under the blocks, and the user must find out what it is. Of course, I'll make the push area smaller, so it's harder, but I'm not even too sure if I'm going to do it. Anyways, enjoy.


Also, I noticed that Akismet is spam marking a lot of comments that are not spam, and this is a problem. If your comment does that appear, not to worry, I'll get it sorted out.

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7 Responses to “Flash – Push”

  1. That’s nice!

  2. Btw, the spam comments you’re talking about are REALLY spam. I’ve found a bunch in my spam folder too, and guess what, the same exact comments like “Great site, I was looking for information and found this great site,..etc” — If you take a precise look too, you’ll find that they link to spam websites. So watch out.

  3. Hey, thank you, you’re right!

  4. nice spotting šŸ˜›
    and more flash 8D

  5. Yeah, like I promised.

  6. My Motherboard’s back , and I’m gonna be hit the keyboard harder than you can imagine.

  7. Sweet, hehe.

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