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Hey, everybody! Big day today, 512 mb and 17" worth. I went over the FutureShop, with my fried Kingston DataTraveler, and got a new one withing 2 minutes. Best service ever. After that, I headed over to Canada Computers and picked up my new Samsung SyncMaster 740n. 17", 600:1 contrast, it's awesome. I love the […]

This is quite the curious incident. I was sitting on my computer yesterday (not literally) with my trusty Kingston DataTraveler plugged in. Then, the electricity went out. I started freaking out because a few days back I opened my case and gave it a good dusting, so I thought I screwed it up. Then I […]

OK well, there is a lot of hype about Windows Vista lately, and since everyone decided to share their opinions, the conformist that I am, I'm going to share mine. First of all, if macs ran windows apps, I would say screw you to windows and switch. But since they don't, and since because of […]

Flash – Push


Well, like I promised, I wouldmake something new in flash, so I did. I went over to, and using one of their awesome tutorials made this little..effect here. Nothing major, but at least I'm out of my flash "slump" and doing something. Maybe I will be able to somehow make a gamoe out of […]

June 8th was my birthday. Yay. I didn't do anything special, but it was pretty cool anyways. On the way home, I popped into LA Music and Video to pick up a copy of Red Hot Chili Peppers' Stadium Arcadium. I think it's absolutely amazing. All the songs are great, and there are 28 of […]