Windows Drivers


I don't mean like…cars with windows operating systems, I mean like drivers for my scanner and video card. I've been having problems with both. First of all, drivers for my scanner are basically non-existent. Can't find any anywhere. It's upsetting, since I have to take pictures of documents, and they end up being 3mb each. Secondly, my ATI Radeon refuses to get recognized properly. I have a 7500, but windows just assumes that it's the 7200, completely robbing me of dual display (read use firefox on my TV) capability. This is really often a problem, and I hope that Vista has a way of properly fixing that. There are only two scanners on the market right now (that are sold here) and I don't want to pay for a multi-purpose. Oy.

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15 Responses to “Windows Drivers”

  1. Have you tried the built-in hardware device identification? or have you installed the drivers from the product CD? If both won’t work (and I doubt the latter won’t), you can always go to the product website, and search for the appropriate drivers in the Support section.

    I guess you have already done that, but I thought you might have not.

    Btw, my HP printer is registered on Windows as another model (though a close one) even though I installed the drivers right from the CD, so I guess some products are similar even if their model numbers are different.

  2. WIndows sucks , but still I have to go on with it.

  3. drhasook: I have indeed tried both of those. Because the company that makes the scanner drivers no longer exists, there is no website. Windows doesn’t recognize the scanner by itself, and the CD is not for Windows XP.

    ATI Drivers I downloaded, but because the video cards only differ by the video outputs, it’s not enough, I guess, to make a difference to windows.

    teen: Yeah, exactly.

  4. Being a relatively recent OS, Win XP is readily not expected to be able to identify old products, so it’s not Windows fault 🙂

    Anyways, you might try searching for your product drivers through Google. I managed to find some old drivers on an unofficial website a few years ago.

  5. WinXP might be a new OS (even though it’s about 4 years old), which would explain the lack of scanner drivers, but ATI Radeon is a very popular video card, and is newer than WinXP, so there should be no excuse. Google was no help either. DriverGuide had only 1 driver, and it was corrupt.

  6. ATI Radeon. Hmmm , what do I know about it ? Lets see. My pal has an ATI radeon chipset and it simply beats Intel by a mile.

  7. They are really quite quite popular. In fact, I know that Gamecube is driven by ATI.

  8. ATI seriously rocks.

  9. windows vista beta 2 is out for testing, free and easyly accessable 😛

  10. And how I wish I had the hard drive space to install it…

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