Yahoo Tech – CNET for n00bs


If any of you read the Digg story, or just kind of came across this you know that Yahoo!, once again saying "Me too!" released an online website dedicated to technology. Since I was already registered on Yahoo! I figured I should try it out.

First of all, I use CNET a lot. I read the tech reviews, I watch the little news movies, and sometimes I read the weekend projects, and other techie hoo haa. CNET, although I find it to be a little cluttered is really very good. Because they have been out there for a while now, they know what they are doing. The front page contains all the latest news and How-Tos. Yahoo, using fancy flash (which I respect but do not think is appropriate in such saturated amount) try to put the thing together. Using same kinds of functions, but with a lot less content they are saying "Me too!, but just because we feel like it". In my opinion, Yahoo! just isn't serious enough. The website is too young to provide proper amounts of content, and it is targeted to a more amateurish tech audience, with tutorials that have no video, and that teach you to wash your laptop with a cloth. Maybe, soon they will get the audience they need and become a full fledged tech site. I think right now though, CNET is king of the hill.

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