Mercedez Benz Mixed Tape 12


Mercedez released Mixed Tape 12 today. It is a flash applet that is a media player showcasing new artists and their work. You can listen to it, and download the tracks for free. This is really a great way to find some new artists and expand your horizons. The music is pretty nice and relaxing, and I always looks forward to these releases. Enjoy it for yourself.


Mixed Tape 12

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11 Responses to “Mercedez Benz Mixed Tape 12”

  1. Nice. Btw, has tremendous amounts of amateur and professional artists and music!

  2. Thanks for the link Paradox. Did you check out my new logo.

  3. Actually, yes I did. Simple and effective. Just like a good logo should be. I still cannot come up with a good one for Paradox. (or Technograff my other Alias)

  4. Technograff , cool name.

  5. By the way , can I get the password for that page titled ‘More’

  6. There’s actually nothing on it right now. It used to be some kind of idea to put extra content, but it never got through. All my stuff is either on Flash or Downloads. It just says coming soon. I should actually get rid of that. Thanks for reminding me, heh.

  7. Hear free tunes at my [non-profit] site:

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