Nintendo Wii – Are you kidding Mii?


OK come on now. I dig the name (there is a good reason for it after all) but come on. Wii? As in "I'm gonna play with my wii all night long" and advertisements saying "grab your wii now"? I don't thiink so! Come on nintendo, everybody loved the revolution, and this is highly unlike you. I really don't think this is going to jeopardize the sales. In fact I think that with enough exposure the wii will penetrate it's way into the female population too. After all, wii all love puns, right? Stiil, I really thiink that thiis iis a strange move. What, instead of Super Smash Bros. Revolution, we're gonna have Super Smash Brothers Wii? Resident Evil 5 – Wii? I THINK NOT! Is your wii going to be yellow or red? There is even a piitiition online to get rid of the name. Ask me – pretty good reason.

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12 Responses to “Nintendo Wii – Are you kidding Mii?”

  1. 1 hey moron

    it’s spelled petition, not pitition.

  2. Dear moron,

    I’m sorry that you don’t understand puns. Let me break it down for you. First of all, I wrote piitiition. Now, nintendo called their console the wii, no? So instead of an e they put ii, no? Well, I THINK that if in the world petition you take all the e’s and i’s and replace them with ii you get – piitiiton. I’m sorry the education system failed you. Best regards,

    ~I’m with stupid.

    FYI I know your email and IP address 🙂

  3. 3 Cort

    I actually searched google for “Wii Mii,” today, having earlier discover what I consider a small stroke of luck for those of us who think Nintendo’s name for the Revolution is silly. With a bit of careful dremel work, you could extract the W, turn it upside down, and rename your console the “Mii.” You could even use melted plastic rod to make a fake scar around the newly modified letter, showing your pride that the new console is, inded, “Miine.”

  4. :O’s brilliant! I never even thought of that! That would make for one good Digg article..thanks so much!

  5. Anyone knows if wii will get a bo-bobo game or if Mewtwo is still on Smashbros? I’d love to kick snakes sorry carcass around as Mewtwo or swallow him with kirby so I can laugh at how retarded he looks with Snake’s hair.

  6. Just so you know, Wii Mii is a program built into the Wii that lets you customize settings that can be saved to your Wii-mote. That way you already have everything set up just how you like it and it evil lets you create a funny looking profile character for yourself.

  7. i mean even, not evil….sorry

  8. Not too sure about Mewtwo, but I sure am excited about 0-Suit Samus! 🙂

  9. How about these:

    – I don’t give a Wii what you think!
    – Wii are the champions
    – There are only Wiinners
    – Wiild Wiild West

  10. Haha, awesome!

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