The Communist Computer Concept


From time to time I have some interesting ideas, but usually they get lost. Thanks to the magic of blogging, this one will get documented. Computers on a network can often share folders, meaning that people can use other peoples hard drives to good use. Well, what if all computer's resources could be shared? Imaging that all computers in the world would be connected. All the processor speeds, all the RAM all the resources would be shared equally throughout all the active computers. Whenever a user logs off, their computer power can be used by someone else. All old computers would be put to good use. Wouldn't this be awesome? Everyone would basically have their own super computer, and universities can pay people to log off at the same time, and use the insane power to make complex calculations. Probably impossible but cool idea, no?

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15 Responses to “The Communist Computer Concept”

  1. Yea it’s cool but it’s not only practically impossible,.. it would rather be unfavorable too.

    If your computer resources are used by others while you’re not using them, this means your computer is on and working. So you pay for the electricity charges.

    Plus, hard drives are shared. You wake up one morning to find your hard drive is full! No problem, hundreds of drives are shared, so you just use another drive on the network. You save important stuff on it. Then a week later, you search for these stuff, and oops! This is gonna take hours! Since thousands of hard drives are connected and being searched in. Okay, you’ll say ‘No, I know the path of my files’.. you type it, to find that the hard drive you saved the files on is not there! Its owner – for some reason – simply plugged it out!

    Also, if there isn’t a way of just divisions of resources, some people will get more resources than others.

    Anyways, your idea is pretty much similar to LAN (Local Area Network). But the difference is that the latter is much more secure and limited, making for practical use.

    Your idea may come to life in the future if it’s polished and organized in a secure, practical manner.

  2. Actually, LAN does not share actual RAM and processors between computers. Also, I never really said that hard drives have to be shared, so if you don’t want to, just don’t. My main point is to share resourses like processor speed. Another thing, I’d say that the electicity bills pale in comparison to the money you save by not paying for expensive computer parts πŸ˜€

  3. Well.. you have a point. And I have ones too,.. so, I guess we have to wait until something like that comes true. πŸ™‚

  4. Just one thing. Change the theme.

  5. Theme as in…?

  6. Xhange Regulus for something like Simpla , dear pal.

  7. My opinion? The current theme is neat.

  8. But I like Regulus.. I had simpla for a while, but I dig the blue header and everything! I’m curious though, why don’t you like Regulus?

  9. Change your color combo , then. Use something like Blue or Orange instead of white.

  10. Hmm.. teen insists on changing the theme!
    Why don’t you just ignore him?! πŸ™‚

    *Sorry teen.. just kidding* πŸ˜€

  11. I think I'm gonna go with drhaisook here. I think that regulus is the theme that suits me most. Of course, until I get hosting and develop my own theme for wordpress. Want a sneak peek?

    (coded in HTML and CSS, with flash therefore best viewed in Firefox) 

  12. Nice web-design! But I wonder if Flash menus works with WordPress? It would be nice.

  13. Well, on own host they should.. at least I hope so..

  14. good idea but the trouble is that currently networks work much slower than processors or ram.

    the whole point of ram is really fast memory that is as close to the motherboard as possible so there isn’t any delay in getting stuff there and back πŸ™‚

  15. Very true. Hopefully though, with enough technology advances we can come up with some crazy network connections πŸ™‚

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