Why Dell Isn’t King


Being a pretty techy person I am constantly on the lookout for new computers, as a possibility to finally replace my 1.4 ghz AMD Athlon. I used to be the kind of person that would like to get the components themselves, put it all together, boot up Gentoo or something and haxx0r away. Not now. Having to fix my computer enough times, I am so tired that I just want a computer that freakin' works. Here are my choices.


Um..interesting choice. I think their computers are OK, but I like their laptops more than the desktops. I'm not even positive that they ship to Canada properly.

Sony Vaio:

This is like my dream computer. Super stylish, functional and just ultra awesome. But I disrespect Sony for DRM, PS3, PSP and Y2K. Maybe not the last one, but these computers cost a car down-payment.


Anything by then. Like apple, and now featuring Boot Camp, this is definitely something that I want. Of course, there is always the price and the fact that my parents don't accept change very well. I'm thinking about it.


I really don't know. I have dell computers in school, and they break pretty easily. Some are really freaky. They power light is on, but the computer just won't boot. Freaky stuff right there. And gaminghobo will probably tell you that he had some trouble with his as well.

Chinese Computer Store:

Sounds good to me. Full customization (case too) and good price. Number 1 choice for now.

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3 Responses to “Why Dell Isn’t King”

  1. Yeah, I prefer getting separate pieces of hardware and then putting them together. I’ve never bought an all-brand PC.

    Just see what processor would suit you, Intel or AMD (I prefer Intel), and then remain the Vid and Sound card. I recommend an nVidia Geforce 6x or if you wanna go higher, the 7x series. A Creative SB would be good (I guess you have one, don’t you?). Everything else won’t matter a lot.

    If you’re looking for an LCD monitor, Benq has the best of these, but it’s very expensive. The close alternative is ViewSonic, having LCDs with very low response times (down to 2-4ms).

    Good Luck

  2. Thanks!

    For processors I prefer AMD, just because it tends to be faster (although core due sounds good). For Vid card, I’ll probably get a hi-end ATI or maybe the Geforce. For soundcard, I’d get a SoundBlaster Audigy or something. I like Samsung monitors, I have one right now and I like it fine. Thanks for the response.

  3. 3 dljournal

    Ha… I have a Dell and I can tell you based on my experience with it… it does has problems.

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