Diseased..no wait..sick


I realise now that those are completely different things. I am sick, and being sick sucks. I went to bed fine last night, I woke up OK this morning, and this night I am going to bed sick as a dog, as a horse, as a high-school student with a weak immune system.

I handed in three important projects today, and one more tomorrow. Incidentally, tomorrow is the big presentation that I really need to be in good shape for. Karma is a real piece of work, no? What have I done lately to get this?

The thing that makes me curious though, is the cause. Was is it the better sleeping patterns? The vitamins I've been taking? The regular workouts? No? The fact that I haven't been sick all winter, and springtime came? Did allergies suddenly appear out or nowhere? I want the truth! And I can handle it too!

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4 Responses to “Diseased..no wait..sick”

  1. Many people get sick at the current time because of the temperature change (as you said from Winter to Spring). They usually begin to wear lighter clothes. May be that’s why.

    Hope you get better though.

  2. My PC crashed and I have reinstalled Win XP. I’ll be dispatching that mail to you as soon as I can.

  3. Agree with drhaisook, most probably it’s because the weather.. still, all the best to you man, get well soon!

  4. Yup. I feel a lot better. It’s a shame though, because I wrote a very nice post comparing G Cal to 30boxes, but it disappeared.

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