iTunes sucks? – iThink Not!


I was floating arond the internet recently and I came across a few references to the fact that iTunes sucks. Apparently it’s not functional and hogs system resourses. I got a nano not too long ago, and I got around to using iTunes a lot, and I love it. These posts though, alarmed me. Maybe I’m missing something? So I’m going on a bit of a hunt to find which one is better for me, and maybe help out someone who is misleaded. Mislead. Whatever.

System Hog

One of the blogs mentioned that iTunes hogs system memory. I decided to check this out. Result – colour me impressed, iTunes uses twice as much! Wow, my bad! Of course, I can bet on the fact that WinAmp will use even less.

WMP has a whole cr@pload of functions built in there to … confuse everybody. iTunes does not. Of course, iTunes completely lacks the ability to play any video except mpeg, but after all, iTunes is for yourTunes. WMP is a winner in the amount of functions it has, but I only use about 10 percent of those, and iTunes is by far easier to use. WMP supports more formats, I will give it that, but iTunes supports the one important one – mp3. Ease of use – iTunes. And it still has all the important function like ripping.

Sell Me

WMP tries to incorporate some music stores, but let’s face it – iTunes is just better. We all know it. And the style – iTunes wins here. You can mess with Apple when it comes to style! Then of course there are smart playlists – I love those. You can make iTunes play songs that are rated more than 4 stars and have not been heard in the past 2 days. My music library is not so big – this is a lifesaver!

Buy Me

iPod/Zen Micro support. I really don’t know! You tell me. I love my iPod though.

Field Test

iTunes has a function called Party Shuffle. I abuse this! It takes songs at random and playes them. Shuffle? Yes. But no. You can actually see the next 10-100 songs that are coming and the last 5-100 songs that played. Awesome? I think so!

Where iTunes loses though – is album art. WMP finds ID3 tags from AllMusic, which is pretty reliable (although it screwed my Bon Jovi album like there’s no tomorrow) and it gets album art easily. iTunes – unless you buy it from the store, this is a horrible hassle.

One thing that surprised me though – both players work well with the MSN pluging  – in fact, iTunes works even better! This just freaked me out. The now playing function of MSN was supposed to only work with WMP, but iTunes does the job amazingly.

I think this is it for now actually. I still think that iTunes is the music software of my choice, I will use WMP for movies. Hope this helped someone out.


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  1. iTunes uses a lot of system resources. It’s bulky but simple to use , anyway it’s better than Windows Media Player.
    It’s got a simple ripping mechanism and of course a free and smooth MP3 encoder.

  2. Nice writup. I use iTunes, but not to play music, only to transfer songs and vids to my iPod. iTunes is coincidentally the only reason I dual-boot windows (i dont trust gtkpod with my precious iPod on linux).

  3. 3 gaminghobo

    I’m not a fan of iTunes either although I don’t need it since I don’t have an iPod. More recently I’ve been using Musickube. It’s a v ery nice lightweight alternative to iTunes with all the ease of use without the bloatiness. Just google it to check it out.

  4. Hmm, cool stuff. Apparently though, it’s spelled MusikCube. Thanks! I will definitely check it out. Still, if it wasn’t for my nano I would probably be using winamp. Gotta love MMO3 with DeviantArt colours.

  5. 5 gaminghobo

    Yeah, my bad. Got my letters all mixed up.

  6. 6 Nate

    iTunes is shudderingly horrible. WMP’s smart playlists are as good as iTunes and as little bonus, WMP doesn’t completely @#$& up your file organization system! Add to that it’s “now playing” list with shuffle now and queueing options and WMP adds up to a much better user experience than iTunes. iTunes does what AOL does: it makes it trivially easy for someone with no experience who wants to use all the default settings to get going.

    But introduce any custom needs and you’re @$%&ed. I’d use up all ten fingers and more counting off just the people I know who’ve had their iPods wiped by iTunes in its default setting.

  7. I have only purchased a few songs from itunes, but everytime I have been disappointed. I don’t have an ipod (and never will, based on my experience dealing with apple) I customize my settings before purchasing songs, but when they download, they are in the wrong format and itunes won’t let me convert the song once it has downloaded. I tried using their tech support website, which is a pain to navigate and the only customer service you get is for billing only. I know several people with mac’s and they just love them, but apple customer service/tech support is so attrocious, I am not very inclined to purchase any of their products. As far as portable music goes, apple does not make the best product, they just have better, hipper marketing.

  8. 8 Andrew

    Dude.. Itunes DOES suck. What a freakin rip off… go buy a CD and get full quality sound and somethign tangable. Never use iTunes.. never buy a MAC.. if you do you are getting ripped off and I laugh at you.

  9. @lucia – macs are made so that you won’t need tech support. I hope your problems get sorted out.

    @Andrew – ok, um, what?

  10. Use iTunes = super stupid! Download and compress your music so you can play them on ANY player or computer. Don’t let the corporate pigs at apple tell you different. iTunes is not only a bloated piece of crapwarez it slow and not as easy to use as Windows Media Player 11. I like choice therefore I choose Windows.

  11. I HATE MS Media Player
    And now, I’ve come to HATE ITunes just as much.

    For playback, I’m a winamp fan on windows, and xmms on Linux.

    I have an IPOD and I DO love it…I just wish there was a different program that I could use with it beside ITunes.
    Let’s see: I have songs strewn throughout numerous computers and harddrives(ie. I CANNOT simply include them all IN the itunes folder). There seems to be no way I can ‘sync’ a different folder in Itunes (ie. if I add a new song to a folder, I now need to go into Itunes and add it from there also)
    If I try to add the entire folder(instead of picking the new tracks one at a time), I end up with HUNDREDS of duplicates.
    IMPORT option? only works one song at a time
    Speaking of duplicates: I can ‘show’ them in itunes…and then I have to select each duplicate individually in order to delete them. The only ‘sorting’ options appear solely to ‘group’ the duplicates together so there is no way to select them contiguously for a group delete.
    When I asked the ‘Genius’ (Their term, not mine) at the Apple store about this….he literally started to pick his nose and tell me about the ‘automator’ function that he later told me was unavailable to any OS but the latest MAC OS.

    How about broken links? It’s great that they show them to me…I have thousands of them (I move files around a LOT…I have 80+k songs, and only about 360GB online at any one time)
    WHY don’t they provide a way to sort by the little “!” character? ..that way I could delete them all at once instead of spending HOURS selecting them one at a time.

    I won’t even dwell on the fact that ITunes is the ONLY program I run on my machine that can send it into an unresponsive state for 5-10 minutes at a time.

    What do I LIKE about ITunes?
    Well…it’s pretty..nice colors, nice graphic design.
    I wish they spent nearly as much on its actual functionality. Kinda like their computers….

    Is it a coincidence that they FORCE me to use ITunes with my IPOD? It’s probably the only way they can get people to put up with it…

  12. Matt, that’s one of the best writeups on how bad iTunes is, ever. Instead of just saying that it blows, like others, you explained why. Because I’m not as big of a power user as you, iTunes seems to work out fine, and I was a fan of winamp before as well, but since my iPod, iTunes is just easier to work with. Also, new iTunes – kinda uglier 😦

  13. Anapod, try Anapod


    iTunes was decent at best, and infuriating when bad. Anapod really shows you what iTunes could have been.

  14. AAC is Better than mp3.

    When comparing 128 bit sampling between mp3 and aac, aac is noticably better in high violins, sharp cymbals, tight snares, and just sampling in general. Even though I have really had loads of grief with itunes, this is the #2 reason why stick with it. #1 reason: i own an ipod. Still the best portable around.

    My 3 reasons for hating itunes:
    #1: HUGE, fat, slob of a thread. EATS cpu and memory. If iTunes is running, every other thread begs for mercy.

    #2: Every single major release has bad problems. With 7.0 they’ve stupidly removed the default customization to sort by album, for example. Whenever I launch iTunes, it sorts by Artist.

    #3: No ability to play “checked out” materials, like from netlibrary. I don’t know if this is because itunes doesn’t have that feature (most likely), or if it’s just because netlibrary (and other media vaults) doesn’t use that format, but it means I can’t play a checked-out audio book in itunes, and worse, it means I can’t play that media on my ipod.

  15. Also, iTunes 7 is considerably uglier! What happened to the nice looking Mac scrollbars?

  16. iTunes sucks so bad that any fool saying anything else do not know what they are talking abouth, for start try to copy your 15.000 sorted music libery from your hdd to a iPod, no you cant make mapps like in a normal explorer so u have to make thousands of playlists if u wanna have it some order. And if u use “drag and drop” the mapps will not follow, only the songs so you get thousands of unsorted music, and iTunes so mother slow, u use a nano, try a 5th generation with 80Gb and see if iTunes is fast when the iPod is full.

  17. 17 asinomasimple

    Is there a way to view your “now playing” playlist and library at the same time.
    And if so can you drag a song from the library and place it on a specific location on the playlist ?!!!!
    It’s the same problem with the iPod.

  18. Firstly – nope. Secondly – yeah! Just drag and drop and drag again!

  19. I don’t like iTunes for the simple fact it is so slow. I have 11,000 songs and it just takes forever for it to load. Plus, if you change your file structure at all (I like to put album folders as date – album title) you have to remove and readd those files.

  20. 20 Nighthawk

    Itunes is fine for noobs, and general users. If you want the uber media app, Jriver’s Media Center is the way to go. Now in v.12 it’s in a class of it’s own. Check it out at HTPC, HDTV, IPOD, PSP, ZEN, whatever you’ve got JRMC will handle it. And no I don’t work for them 🙂 Just love the app! FWIW

    • 21 Star

      Well I’m a noob and I think itunes sucks. The website said I needed to update to the latest version of itunes. I tried but it then wanted to update my browser, I tried that but it needed a new OS. When I tried that I was told I need a new computer. Way to go Apple. If I want to listen to itunes I need a new computer. I expect this crap from microsoft but apple?

  21. Whoa, nice! (Yeah, I’m a noob, sue me!)

  22. I just got my 2000t and all of my songs are skipping in iTunes, and I cant figure out why. If someone could help me out and tell me how to fix this I would really appreciate it because its driving me crazy. Thanks for the replys.

  23. 24 KeeperMan

    Why don’t I use iTunes? One reason, restrictions from playing iTunes-bought songs on Linux & BSD, and DRM (Digital Restrictions Management).

  24. 25 yeahitsucks

    I-Tunes is the worst, I’m a Napster guy and I got an ITunes gift cert for x-mass, so I’m like, “here we go again, I have to download that horrible program again to redeem this cert”. Sure enough it won’t recognize the gift cert number, it took me 20 minutes to find a way to contact “customer support” and I fill out the form and go to send it and I repeatedly get a message that says “there was a problem, try again later”. Holy crap, this is my second experience with I-Tunes in the last several years, both equally mind numbing.

  25. 26 iTunesBlows

    I recently decided to subscribe to a podcast, but I didn’t own an MP3 player. I did some searching and found iPods to be very overpriced. I also found out that iTunes doesn’t offer MP3 downloads, only their proprietary format. Napster on the other hand offers MP3 downloads and gave me a free MP3 player for joining. This is particularly good since I’ll be switching cell phone companies in a few months and I’m going to go with a smart phone. It would be stupid to buy an iPod since the smart phone will render it obsolete. In fact, the iPod is already obsolete, but some people are a little slow. Apple has announced that they are going to offer a cell phone/iPod combo in the future. It is about time. In Europe and Asia, most new cell phones can play MP3’s. Unless Apple switches to the cell phone market soon, the iPod is done. Oddly enough, Apple says it is going to only offer a cell phone/iPod combo rather than a smart phone. That is a huge mistake. Apple was a pioneer in the PDA market with the Newton. I had both models and they were both excellent. Apple gave up too soon. Now they are going to have to play catch-up.

  26. itunes suck! There is no contact number and their response time is 48 hours. I paid for some videos and have encountered some problems and can’t reach anyone by phone, e-mail, etc. So, as far as customer service goes – itunes suck.

  27. If you ever suffer a harddrive crash (recently happened to me) itunes bends you over and gives it to you hard in the form of losing your ENTIRE library (unless you were smart enough to actually manually copy your itunes lib files out of your “My Music” folder to the ipod iteself, a very very wise move IMHO) as the ipod can only be synced to a single pc and the info on it is notintended to be copied elsewhere (IE – read-only). This is not entirely the deal as it can be overcome with CopyPod or some other similar app but you must also pay extra for these things. This functionality should be built-in.

    Now Apple’s whole position on this is that it makes it so you can’t bring your iPod over to your friend’s house and sync it with his lib. But they forget they also made the thing capable of just acting as a portable harddrive so all you do is copy it onto a nice directory on your ipod and sync it when you get home! Brilliant Apple! Congratulations. You’ve solved nothing. Where can I send Steve Jobs a nobel prize for stupidity?

    From a programming perspective, it would’ve taken Apple another 3 lines of code (and 5 minutes worth of their time) to make it so if iTunes detects an iPod, it will copy the lib to the iPod itself during sync. This alone would solve the problem of how to cope if your lib gets hosed. This is simply unacceptable.

    I did add the below to the iTunes page of Wikipedia but probably someone from Apple removed it :

    – iTunes is poorly optimized from a programing perspective and is laboriously slow on operations such as scrolling the library list, adding artwork to music files (writing ID3 tag info) thereby consuming large portions of potentially busy users time in simply navigating it. This is in part due to the programming differences between Macintosh and Windows PCs, namely that Macintosh tend to be more naturally fast due to the RISC-based chip architechture which requires less programmer intervention to take advantage of (this is also a fundamental difference between the users of the 2 PC types : mac users are much more accepting of the OS deciding for them (follower mentality) where Windows users expect to do more for themselves (leader mentality) or rather that iTunes was written originally for the Mac and was ported (probably as an afterthought) to Windows without a code profiling and optimization step.[20][21]

    – iTunes is a known memory and processor-hog typically drawing on 100MB and sometimes consuming over 200 MB of system memory for it’s operation.[22]

    – iTunes store claims to sell “CD-Quality” music but this is an offense to audiophiles. iTunes store sells typically 128 kbs compressed (read as music data has been lost permanently) audio. True CD-Quality is 700 kbs *uncompressed*. If the iPod or iTunes is ever hooked up to a hifi sound system (one capable of producing sounds 20 Khz) or Shure or equivelent headphones a quality best described as “tinny-ness” is produced from the speakers due to the loss in quality from the original CD-quality recording. This is obviously an advertising error expecting people to lower standards while paying the same price for the product and is therefore and insult to all iTunes users.[23]

    – iTunes can only automatically get artwork for *mainstream* music. If you listen to anything other than commonly popular music, you will have to add the artwork yourself which is a slow process (see above) necessitating many hours in front of it to correctly add all the artwork to the music. Moreover, iTunes is extremely inefficient in storing the artwork in the MP3 files needing to literally store the same image in *every* file in the album to have artwork appear on each song resulting in time lost in waiting for iTunes to write the data to the ID3 and size of the library due to data redundency. A much cleaner implementation would’ve been to expect a single (or even multiple are pssible using this technique) “artwork#.jpg” in each album’s folder during the adding to the library which would be picked up and added to the library and displayed *per album* rather than *per song*.[24] [25]

    – If your library in iTunes is ever lost (due to a hardrive crash for instance) even if you have all the data on an external harddrive, you will be forced to recreate your library from scratch because the iPod itself can only be synced to a single iTunes library. There are various extraction tools to pull your media from the iPod although this should be unessesary as an extra 3 lines of programming code in the iPod sync function to copy the library to the iPod itself could’ve alleviated this glaring flaw in the iTunes software. From a business perspective the idea is to not allow iPod owners to carry their iPods around syncing to one library after another and thereby supporting music piracy via the iPod. Apple to wash thier hands of this possibility only allowed the iPod to sync with a single library though piracy is still possible via enabling disk use on the iPod settings, rendering the pain caused by this so-called prevention to nill and a major annoyance at best.[26]

  28. 29 glenncof

    Itunes Sucks….I’m trying to provide support for my wife who uses it. It sucks big time. Looks like it works great..easy to use ..automatic..until you do something out of the ordinary like replace primary hard drive. Then all the supposed intuitive functionality becomes a major road block. Of course you fight with cryptic messages from both iTunes and Windows while trying to understand what came from where. Add DRM issues into the mix and you will be looking for “theory of operation”…but Apple is soooo cute. Why bother with the burden of theory…for Apple uses it just “works”. Well for me it sucks.

  29. 30 Mp3Markel

    OMG there’s no way I’d ever purchase a MAC having experienced the Itunes interface. Can someone explain on how your supposed to add more songs to your Ipod without deleting whats stored on it!? I created a play list, than dragged it over to my ipod device. It loads fine but once you try to add more songs everything just kinda scatters throughout your entire library. Ipod will be completely wiped out, it will duplicate songs, wth!? All I want is a simply drag Mp3 to directory, is it that hard??

  30. 31 Kuhne

    The one good thing about iTunes is that they have the best online music/movie/tvshow store avialable online but if that’s not your sort of thing or you (inteligently) use torrents then ther only reason to use itunes is if yo own an ipod.. if you don’t own an ipod and don’t buy stuff online then uninstall that poorly programed piece of crap right now. my girlfriend bought a bunch of shows off itunes and they simply dont play in their computer. You know what apple’s all mighty costumer support says her problem is? her computer doesn’t meet the system requirements to play the high quality video! .. really? well I checked out her specs and she does meet them, it’s just that itunes is so much of a system hog that it just wont work, funny enough other formats (WMV for example) in the same or even better quality work just fine on her computer. In other words, itunes is crap. what’s apple’s next product? specialy encoded mp3 files that require a core duo processor in order to play right? oh and 7.1 sound or your house might burn down and apple won’t help ya cos its your fault for not being a millionare. Seriously, apple is a fashion statement more than a serious software/hardware brand

  31. 32 Kuhne

    oh and by the way, apple’s and apple’s users answer to every PC question is “Buy a mac!” thats it… they don’t get that over 90% of the planet earth use windows and if by any chance you ARE using a mac their answers are “well then you must have screwed up somehow cos mac’s don’t break down!”

    Seriously, the whole apple industry is a big joke, a pretty joke (their stuff does look good on the outside) but it’s still a joke. I have a friend that decided to make the jump from PC to MAC, ever since he made the jump he does not shut up about how much better mac is, about how stupid he feels when he goes back to a PC, bla bla bla, he just won’t shut up. but whenever me and the rest of my friends get together to play some games or just to share some software or just random crap the same thing allways comes out of his mouth. “Oh that won’t work on my machine!”

    of course it wont! it’s a FRIGGING MAC, go back to downloading music, using MSN and using Office (that’s right, MICROSOFT office)

    oh and the funniest part.. he has windows installed on virtual pc… what?? ?!?!?!?… ahh sorry about this rant, I am just pissed, I gave that 100 dollart itunes gift certificate to my gf so she could get all the shows she wanted and she can’t play anything.

  32. 33 Lilly

    I did not have any problems with iTunes at all until version 7 came out. Now I HATE it! I have a lot of the same problems that Matt mentioned. Also, every time I start it up I get the ‘gapless playback’ spiel which takes FOREVER. There is no way I have found to turn that off. I can stop it, but then it just starts all over again the next time I open the program. I have also noticed that it’s SUPER slow. I do like a lot of the features (the ease of browsing the store, the way it gets the album artwork, etc,), but they need to do some serious work on streamlining the program to make it run more efficiently.

  33. 34 David

    Here is another example of iTunes sucking.

    You can’t enter your billing address for your credit card if you live in New York City.

    iTunes gives you a validation message telling you that your city,zip code, state are not valid, it then offers you a number of choices for your city these include brooklyn,park slope. Brooklyn hasn’t been a city since 1898 and park slope has never been a city.

  34. 35 dennis

    Itunes really really really does suck A LOT!

  35. 36 EAman

    iTunes is not My tunes… This program sucks. Wil not play it ‘s own download. Can play them through Quitcktime though.. I bought 11 tickests to see RUSH this summer at 4 shows and Ticket master gives you a free downlaod for each ticket pruchased. After loading up the Humongo-Tunes program, found only can load ACC or M4p extension files off the iTunes Store, MAJOR SUCKAGE… Another proprietary program designed to make you buy their I-Pod. The lack of portability between multiple dvices is the biggest SNAFU of them all. with 2 PC’s, 2 mP3 players and 2 Digital Assistant (PDA) phones in the house, access and movement of music with ease is important. WMP is just much better for people who know what they’re doing and where they’re going, and also how to get there. Use Creative Labs players and WMP, and windows mobile for all the syncing with no hassles, no lost files, no lost tags, and no reprograming every time you sync…drop and drag, do what you want open architecture. Still Apple and their MAC’s have a following, albeit, a little following, powered by super slick marketing. Without the marketing hype for the iPod, (since hardly anyone in bussiness uses these pretty toys) Apple would have been done….

  36. 37 Moki

    itunes is great except for one big deal-breaker: No watch folders. Long before itunes existed I ripped all my CDs and put them into directories by genre –thousands of mp3s. itunes cannot handle this, it constantly loses album art and has broken links. What were they thinking?

  37. 38 Hugh

    I found several iTunes alternative softwares on this page

  38. 39 Mike

    I am trying to use itunes for the first time today. And I got so frustrated, that I thought I would go find some apple fan site and let them have it. I saw the title of this page and thought Aha! I will prove itunes sucks! Well, it looks like the Mob beat me to it. LOL. OMG, its so true! I just (tried) importing one of my directories (only 3500 songs) and then started making a playlist while it finished doing its thing. Suddenly it stops responding, I can’t even minimize the window. I kill it and restart, and then its frozen at the gapless thing. I restart a few more times trying to find a menu item to stop it from doing that, but no go. I think it is actually doing something because it keeps freezing on a different song, but there is no indication that it is doing anything. Is this normal for a mac? I haven’t used one since grade school. I plugged my iPod in and now not only is it locked up but it says “Do not disconnect”. What the heck am I supposed to do now? I’m glad I didn’t do a bigger directory. I hope it’s not deleting or reformatting my songs. I just want a stop button or a spinning wheel or progress bar, why not a spinning apple? I think mac are for people who don’t really want to use their computer. They want their computer to use them. Or like a calulator that is so simple it can add 2+2 with out any trouble, “it just works” like magic. Just don’t try to add two other numbers, there wouldn’t be any numeral buttons. I think somebody said macs are for noobs or like it’s like AOL is to the internet. MAn that hits the spot, well I guess I’ll go to bed and maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to disconnect and listen to some music (probably not)

  39. 40 Matthew

  40. 41 dollface

    Honestly, until yesterday I’ve never used the iTunes store. General iTunes, I didn’t have a problem with. I could import entire folders at a time, I could shuffle, I could repeat. I don’t work for tech support, I don’t need a lot of things. Yes, it was a slow startup, but that was fine. However, I recieved an iTunes gift certificate for Christmas, and decided to redeem it yesterday, at long last. No matter what I do, including setting up an account, it simply will not accept the code, and I’m really starting to get pissed off.

    Up yours, iTunes. I’m done with you for a while.

  41. 42 matt

    Hmmm, I just downloaded after reinstalling windows on my laptop (no, not because it messed up, I got sick of how bad Ubuntu was) and I have to say “not impressed”.

    I admit that since iTunes 5 I have not changed players due to inertia, but the crapiness of the latest version looks like it will push me to changing players. For goodness sakes, it has trouble with dragging and dropping a folder into the library.

    Tip: When your software can’t handle basic OS functions like dragging and dropping, things might need looking at.

  42. 43 phil

    hi there, i don´t link itunes ehhm … I FREAKING HATE ITUNES!!!!!! cube is pretty cool but what i like the most is ..tatatataa.. MediaMonkey

    – plays nearly all formats /check
    – does NOT hog the system /check
    – supports ipods /check
    – ……. / checkcheckcheck
    – i like monkeys / check 🙂

    you want it? …


  43. 44 Lucifunisky

    your shit sux–can’t you do something about it?

  44. I rather use Ms player than itunes

    For those out there like me who HATE iTUNES I might have found something you will like. It’s a program called Sharepod and it works but downloading sharepod from and then you extract the folder with something like winzip and then copy it onto your ipod. Once its on your ipod you just click on the SHAREPOD.exe and you have a way to copy songs OFF and ONTO your IPOD, No more ANNOYING iTUNES.

    With my XP install I had to download a file called COMDLG32.OCX but you can get that off the site and needs to be copied onto your C:\Windows\System32. I leave that file in my SHAREPOD folder on my ipod now so if I use someone else’s pc and get that error I can just copy it across.

    Please be aware of the way itunes follows u around the internet seeing were u go what u download if it’s legit or illegal. This requires a fare amount of spywere so

  45. 46 TWiNKiE

    To me, the fact that you need to USE A PROGRAM to put music in your iPod requires serious work. If only the iPod could be recognized as an external hard drive….

  46. 47 Ron Ron

    Dear sweet holy sweet sweet,

    iTunes sucks beyond belief. Oh dear jeebuz it sucks. It took me 30 MINUTES to accomplish what I could have done in ephpod in a few minutes. Oh my. PLEASE.

  47. 48 ItDoesToSuck

    iTunes sucks so bad. MediaMonkey is sooooooooooooo much better.

  48. I personally think iTunes is crap compared to winamp. No cool skins. If you want to access the equalizer you have to go into the menu. In Winamp its always on screen. iTunes takes up too much screen space. Winamp only takes up a fraction. iTunes doesn’t even have a counter to show you how much time is left in the track. No slider bar to fast forward or rewind either. Oh yeah, i’m also so sick of having to look at that Gorillaz album that came out like four years ago that always pops up in the stupid iTunes store window at the bottom of the program every time i load it up. Get a clue Apple.

  49. you guys make no sense itunes is the best there is, For any Platform windows or Mac its just dont work to good on older Pcs though, with it am able to copy
    Cds with no more errors and in seconds, it also lets me browse and listen to everyones music libraries in my building at college flawlessly from Pcs and macs, it also looks for my albums Art work with just one click, on music i download from limewire, what more can you Ask for, but as you might already know since Macs switch over to intel theres CPUs are way faster than almost any Pc outhere even the Cheapest model the macbook sports a 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 64bit processor thats sells for about $1000, and only dell makes a model the XPS that sells for about $2000+ that can come close to it, remember theres a big difference between a Intel Core 2 Duo 32bit and a 64bit chip

  50. I spent the last two days fighting iTunes, after an old version of WinAmp screwed up my iPod Nano trying to manage it. Between downloading the 49 megabyte install file, fighting the installer, and waiting for it to add media files to the library, even though I explicitly told it not to when installing (apparently some residual files from an old iTunes install threw it for a loop) it took almost an hour before I could reset my Nano. At least that worked, but only after it downloaded a firmware update that took another 20 minutes. The interface sucks, it’s slow, it hogs system resources, it installs extra background services, and it does time-wasting chores without asking first.

    Ariel: Please stop fellating Steve Jobs for a moment and pay attention: Since Apple switched over to Intel, their CPUs are the exactly the same as those available on a PC. In fact, most of Apple’s hardware is exactly the same as that available for a PC, just in a different form factor so you have to buy expensive replacement parts from Apple when your warranty runs out. You just pay extra for the Mac’s stylish looks, flashy software and crappy tech support. Also, all Core 2 Duo processors are 64 bit, including those in PCs.

  51. Don’t forget that it encodes all of your burned music into an AAC protected format!

    Personally, I use iTunes to sync my iPod (because that’s the only program that can), and I use Windows Media Player to play music. Boy, was it fun to find out that AAC files cannot play in WMP! Also, iTunes only allows me to convert one (count it: one) file from AAC to MP3. Depending on the length of the song, it takes about 30 seconds. I have 1900 songs. Yeah.

    iTunes sucks, and Steve Jobs will burn in Hell.

  52. 53 Vincent

    I can’t believe I even bothered buying an apple product — There’s nothing more intuitive than having an mp3 player as an external hard drive – I’ve used numerous mp3 players — drag and drop my songs, even songs in folders onto the unit and I’m up and going in minutes — I’ve spent hours trying to figure out how to have itunes organize my songs I’m ready to throw the ipod in the pool……….

    I want to put my ebooks and language lessons on there — itunes cant do it — mixes everything up with duplicate titles – it would take hours to one by one make play lists for each disc of the language course or keep separated an ebook title —

    simply ridiculous — APPLE SUCKS — ALWAYS HAS –

  53. 54 Vincent

    so i picked up winamp cuz i trust them for a long time– solved my itunes dilemma in less time than it took to download it — WOW is all I can say —

    anyone using itunes either has too much time on their hands or completely ignorant when it comes to organization and computers in general — like almost everyone who buys apple I guess i shouldn’t have expected different with an ipod…….. well at least all is not lost thanks to winamp though I’m sure these other ones mentioned might do as well or better – winamp was a familiar interface for me to choose first… luckily my searching is over.

  54. 55 AppleFucker

    Ipod and Itunes both sux soo bad that they were made by and for apes

  55. Itunes is aweful. Why must a program take so damn long to load and why must it bring my up to date computer to a grind everytime it needs to do something. It’s unbelievably slow compared to winamp and don’t even ask me how long it takes to load up a new library. It sucks.. give me clone PLEASSE!

  56. iTunes may be slow on start up and uses much (currently 70mb ram with 11000 songs) memory but i don’t reboot every minute and i have 4 gb ram. It has it’s flaws but for general users it’s good. Everybody seem to hate windows too, but 90% are using it. And it’s kinda funny when ppl with Vista complain about the memory usage of iTunes and i see most of the comments about reason that itunes sucks ass, is about their own stupidity – like “I couldn’t find out how to do that so it sucks”. I think it’s also popular to hate apple in general and to hate it because of the nicely design.

  57. Yes, iTunes sucks. I just lost my entire music library when I followed the directions to relocate it to an external drive. Was this feature even tested?

  58. 17 GB of music, POOF!

  59. Itunes sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! deal with it.. napster lets you redownload any song you might have lost.. Itunes.. pay again please .. dont try to burn 100 songs you paid for to a disc .. it will only be in thier mp4 format unless you want to use 10 CDs all burnt to wave format. Which only means 2 hours of your life wasted. sell your stock loser.!!!!!

  60. 61 Krowness

    iTunes charged me for songs I never bought and charged me multiple times for albums I only bought once and put me in debt to them without any reason. No cards were stolen or anything, they just can’t do the job right and one error on their end put me in debt.

    Whole story on why iTunes sucks is here:

  61. 62 Brad North

    ITunes still sucks.

    You ALWAYS have to wait for it.
    It NEVER lets you do what you want:
    Why can’t you drag-and-drop? Does that not work well?
    Why can’t you right-click & hit “play”? What: too hard? Even “Play” is over-ridden by Apple protocol.
    It always anticipates, yet it isn’t smart.
    It’s like a retarded buddy that you build up his confidence so you can help him, then he takes over and f–ks everything up. You still love him, but he shouldn’t drive the bus. He doesn’t know where it’s going. And he over-rides every button you push. (Did I mention he’s retarded?)

    What Steve jobs knows about software, he should trade in for knowledge about people.

    You think iTunes DOESN’T suck? Then YOU suck.

  62. 63 Alternatives?

    Seriously, nobody has thought of any good alternatives?

    If you’re complaining about memory, then foobar is an easy and obvious choice if you’re on windows. I don’t think it ever runs more than 10MB of memory, even when running FLAC or other elaborate formats. The playlist-sorting management isn’t the best, but you can navigate through the menus and find it, it’s there, and once you sort your playlist(s), foobar will automatically save them internally for the next time you run it. Plus the interface is customizable if you install the right plugins and put a little time into searching and installing – there’re millions of skins out there. And the customizability/global hotkey support is unparalleled by any program i have ever seen.

    In fact, foobar’s the only thing i miss about windows, now that i run linux. Regrettably, I haven’t found a great replacement, though amarok is enough to get me by now.

    And as far as copying from cd, you’re best off just getting some other burning software, open source or proprietary. It’s the only way that you’re going to get a lot of different formats, especially if you get something open source.

    And finally, for everyone that complains about jumping through hoops with their ipod, there’s a simple solution. DONT GET AN IPOD, DUMMY! Seriously, there are hundreds of other kinds of mp3 players out there, ones that don’t even require drivers! Absolute ease of use, just drag and drop using whatever file-browser you have on your computer, even use the terminal if you want! Now I wish I knew which some of them are, but if you google around, you’ll find some answers.

    And on a final note, it’s a huge support to open source software if you use .ogg or .flac other open formats.

    But really though, there are always alternatives out there, when you have something that isn’t working, you gotta look for em, that’s all.

  63. you’ve just proved the point that we anti-itunes advocates contend is the reason for itunes’ popularity: it appeals to people who don’t know how to use their expensive computers that people who demand functionality over synergy keep relatively cheap by forking the computer market expend so much energy on, and you don’t want to know. just make it so i can spend ten seconds doing what i want it to do so i can get back to having my enema. if i need it to do something else, something new, i’ll just spend another $5,000 and buy a new Mac. that’s what you make them for, right?

  64. 65 rupert

    Itdoessuck said ‘Mediamonkey is sooooooooo much better.’

    You are soooooooo right fellah. Installed iTunes twice on my PC. First time I figured it must be wrongly installed it ran so bad. Nope. That’s just how it runs. Plus couldn’t find any way to do any useful searching/organising in the way I wanted to work. Deleted the blasted thing and got MediaMonkey. Life is now a breeze… 🙂

  65. itunes suuuuuucks!! i bought the itouch what a pain in the ass to use synch this synch that. drag and drop is the only way to go apple. first apple product and most likely last. the product is not the problem its the itunes only that sucks. i will load my music on my sansa and use the itouch for pics and movies only. get your sh*t together apple! eventually people will get wise to your ways and down you will go again.

  66. 67 Jeremy

    Well after reading this, I will stick with my theory that all Apple products suck unless you want user friendly tools (excluding FuckTunes) which basically makes you “noob” anyways if you were too bored and skipped to the bottom of the page to read this comment head back up and read the disaster that is “Itunes” heres a great story also ; )

  67. 68 SkyPioneer

    Fuck you. Seriously.
    Do you even use iTunes? What is the point of a “media” program which cannot play videos? I do not want to have to download different programs for every simple action I want to do just because iTunes doesn’t let me. Another thing, because iTunes sucks so much ass at playing videos, Apple has now decided to shove its shitty movie player Quicktime down our throats and we have no say in this during installation.
    Another thing which really pisses me off about you Mac hippies, is this:
    That links to the iTunes EULA or end user license agreement for short.
    Check section 10, exports.
    “You also agree that you will not use these products for any purposes prohibited by United States law, including, without limitation, the development, design, manufacture or production of missiles, or nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.”
    Don’t believe me? Search google for the iTunes EULA.
    So shut up you freakin’ hippy.

  68. 69 Zero

    iTunes sucks, go WINAMP!

  69. iTunes was not designed by what I like to call a “real Apple employee”. Anyone who has the iPhone will be blown away by the unbelievable intuitiveness of it. Not only have they thought of everything, they’ve thought of everything else that you eventually think of after you’ve been using it for a month, too.

    iTunes is another story. The logic that the software uses for what it can and can not do is atrocious. The user interface of the iTunes store is the most idiotic thing I have seen since windows 3.1. It took me nearly 15 minutes to simply find the “Search” box to search for songs. Of course, the one sitting right there at the top of the page wont work. No results, sorry. Oh look, you have to fish through the 50 text links for the one that syas “Power Search”, then you can find your song. We just put that big “Search” box up top to completely Fk with your head. Decoration?

    The program re-downloads television shows I purchased and watched nearly a year ago. It does this constantly. I constantly have to delete them while they download, and they inevitably show back up to download again later on.

    However, when I “check purchases” to try and find the 100 songs Ive purchased, it does not find them. Those are forever gone. It just starts downloading the videos again.

    But guess what? When I try to purchase the song again, iTunes tells me Ive already purchased it!!! And whats worse – It tells me to click “check purchases” to redownload it. LOL!!

    What a wonderfully inconsistent, buggy, retarded mess!

    My biggest complaint with itunes is the absolutely horrible user interface on the iTunes store. Its organized like a bad Windows 3.1, before “intuitive” was invented at all. Whoever designed iTunes should be fired.

  70. 71 Thomas

    I HATE itunes with a passion. I have a zune and my dad has an ipod. iTunes intentionally makes its software unique so that other software wont be compatible with it. I spent 3 hours organizing music and movies and itunes just threw that away as soon as it loaded up. Also, for you that have other mp3 players beware. itunes sometimes will convert your songs into m4a format so only itunes and your iPod can read them. This sucks for me because I have a zune and iTunes is converting my songs so I can’t even listen to them. iTunes makes me very frustrated, because of there over protection, you can’t back up anything on you ipod either, say if my computer crashed, I would have just lost all my music and movies, the zune however can backup everything which is great! I honestly just disgusted with Apple right now for making such a horrible product.

  71. 73 I HATE!!! I_TUNES

    FUCK…i-tunes. you can buy an album over and over but it still wont show up in your library…yea, sure its great for sinking your i-pod…but for buying cd’s? hell no. this is my sad testimony..: im a huge n.e.r.d. fan, and when seeing sounds came out i bought it at 12:00 at night…it charged me first then it was supposed to be downloaded onto my computer. except one thing..i got half the cd.. and not all of it downloaded on my computer..i kept buying and buying but it charged me and never gave me the cd…so before you know i-tunes robbed me of $30 and now im up at 8:02 writing angry blogs to help people see the light. I_TUNES SONGS ARE SOME SHIT. no wonder people illegally download music off of limewire.heres a tip. stick to wal-mart cd’s at least you have proof of buying it and can always listen to the cd. nomadder what the conditions.

  72. 74 mormicil

    iTunes, the bad:
    -unnecessarily resource heavy;
    -uncustomizable, and if you want to talk about “sleekness/stylishness” of appearance, uncustomizable appearance;
    -there’s a reason people look into other codecs than mp3s, steve. like ogg? tough;
    -untweakable! all i require of iTunes is that it put stuff onto my iPod, and i don’t need it to do anything else. why can’t i stop it from doing anything else? it’s making MY user experience just a shitty time;
    -incompetant and stupid. it just works, huh? bullshit. i can’t tell you how often it fails to rip from CDs, and it has nothing to do with my drive, which is fine thank-you-very-much;
    -SLOW! you’d think i have a 4x speed CDr!
    -just music? this is stupid. some “media” player;
    -automatically “fixes” your filing system, which if you have any sense or feel any responsibility towards the machine you plunked down several hundred dollars for, is unquestionably stupid. this isn’t a video game, it’s a file that is going to get bigger and bigger;
    -not at all intuitive interface. yeah, windows copied the smart interface design of apple, but a first time user of itunes who has years of computer and tech usage has a good chance of accidentally wiping his ipod, or godforbid, his music library. the default settings are worse than anything MS has ever done to Windows;
    -ok, apple had to make concessions to music producers so that you won’t be able to easily pull tunes off of the ipod and put them onto your home drive, fine, but that task is not impossible. what IS impossible is pulling photos off of the ipod. WTF?? why is there no utility in itunes for accessing the things on your ipod? you’d have to use a windows machine and explore the contents of its HD before you can even access your text files. the photo files are indeciphrable garbage;

    the good:
    -it puts shit onto my iPod;
    -interfacing with the coolest marketing force in the world (cooler than GoogLe anyday) makes my weener a little hard;
    -itunes is gay. i’d never pay for an mp3, EVER;
    -WTF is a podcast anyway?
    -rating stuff is pretty cool. i like stars;
    -quicktime is important to the normal function of your computer;
    -the Play function is always the spacebar 🙂
    -synchronizing the contents of my computer and my ipod is more important to me than making it easy for me to put new files onto my ipod that i have on my computer;
    -willing to warn you when even more than 50% of the data on your computer is going to be changed (holy fuck, are you serious? WTF do you apple users use your expensive jerk boxes for, anyway?!)
    -i enjoy party-shuffling. my WMP does it too, but anything that does it gets a thumbs up in my book;
    -i am gay.

  73. 75 Duy Minh

    Try to manage 3000 mp3 like me.
    iTune = The horror … the horror ….

  74. mormicil: lol, that was good. And yes, itunes = AOL for music files.

    Seriously though, for anyone considering buying an mp3 player, here are the steps you want to follow

    You want the highest quality music on your computer, so…
    1a.) Download a torrent program. Yes, it’s illegal, but let’s not get into that right now…
    you can search for .ogg or .flac files if you are an audiofile, or just 320 kb/s mp3s (the standard is 128)
    1b.) Or you can buy CDs and rip them onto your PC

    Both are ways to ensure that you will have good music on your computer, and thus on your mp3 player. Don’t EVER EVER buy an mp3. Don’t buy people mp3 gift cards. For the same price you could have a CD with a cover and a booklet (and then rip a backup to your PC) and the music quality: mp3 from iTunes :128 kb/s (less data) CD : up to 700 kb/s (more data, meaning more music quality).

    2.) Organize your files. Get the names right, find the album art, etc.
    3.) Use a good media player, like, surprisingly, Windows Media Player. Or Mediamonkey. Or Winamp if you’re a minimalist. Most of these programs will actually help you organize your files. More importantly, they let you, unlike itunes and it my-way-or-the-highway organization. Don’t get itunes, by the way.

    4.) Now all you need is a mp3 player. I, unfortunately, bought an Ipod. It’s okay, I’ve found programs that make it work the way I want it to. Mediamonkey (free!) comes to mind. But, I wouldn’t recommend the ipod for those shopping around. I would go with a Creative Zen. It may not be as “simple” as the Ipod, but it is much more flexible and has more features. It’s worth the time to learn how to use it properly.

    5.) Plug in and enjoy.

  75. 78 Erik

    iTunes ran terribly on the desktop with 1GB of ram, now I have my dell vostro w/ 3GB ram and ir runs perfectly fine. A little laggy at times, but it is just fine. I love the iTunes store and all the apps I can get for my iPod touch 2G, I will probably never use anything else but iTunes

  76. 79 Juggalo-Rex

    I tunes fucking sux guys ass. It is ultra slow on my QUAD processer computer. also I was using WMA files on my friends ipod then it converted to AAC and didn’t show on the ipod. I then had to download about 5 programs until i found one that worked. in the process i got a really bad virus that attacked required windows EXEs and I had to do 5 virus scans to got rid of it. FUCK I-Tunes, everyone in my school loves I-Tunes. WMP kicks I-tunes ass and we know how crappy WMP is getting. Ipod on the other hand is nice to have along as you do something to not have to use I-Tunes. Replacing I-Pod batterys suck though. I install rockbox on my ipod and I can just drag and drop like normal MP3 players. Also one time I-tunes sied my ipod was brocken and I threw my ipod accross the room. I then had to find a hack to NOT use i-tunes. when I burn CDs with I-tunes i get static on my fucking CD. I-tunes also starts with my computer and it slows down and starts like 5 processes I don’t want.

  77. 80 Chris


    dont cover the flaws

    be realistic

    itunes = trying hard media player

    mac osx? = simple 4 noob users

    APPLE = money hog

  78. I cant figure mout how to rip a cd to itunes and then find it in my library for the life of me…. and when I somehow get it to work, it will rip it into a bunch of different albums and I don’t get it…. itunes sucks or I’ve gone mad!

  79. 82 Yabba Dabba Do

    I have never used iTunes, and from what I’m reading, I never will. I like WMP 12. It plays all media formats, which makes it nice to use. If you only want one player to do it all WMP 12 does it! It even plays Quicktime movies also, which I think is a first for WMP. Of course, I still have other players simply for change every once in a while, but WMP is the player of choice for me.

  80. Everything that came from Apple sux.
    Not because of the style, not because of the quality but because is a HiTech corp that aims to mindless buyers who aren’t capable to understand the tricks behind apple products.
    I’m happy with my portable mp3 free of any DRM o bullshit store, taken at half of the iPod price.
    U are paying apple product so much why? To ensure big companies right respected.

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