Mini Movie Reviews 2


Ok well, I haven’t been posting ANYTHING lately, and really, the quality of my blogging is really starting to slide. I’m writing a crackload of essays in english, and it’s putting a major dent in my writing energy. In fact english almost made me hate writing, reading and speaking so all I end up doing is listening. To my iPod. I decided though, since I saw some movies I should just post what I thought of them

Lara Croft 2

Frankly, I can’t imagine a movie with Angelina Jolie totally sucking, and this movie, although horribly predictable for anyone with IQ above 60 wasn’t a total disappointment. It was a slight disappointment though, I’ll leave it at that. First one was cooler. Although the last part was cool…

Lord Of War

Oh my god, this movie is amazing. Seriously. First movie where Russians aren’t the gun dealers, and a cute story of a cocaine sniffing, prostitude using, gun selling, lying, cheating decieveing … guy. Some nice moments, moral, and just an overall great movie. Definitely a must-see.

Austin Powers 2

Well, I haven’t really seen the first one, but the second one was chock-full of crude humour goodness. Yeah, the jokes are pretty low-brow (I think) but they really did make me laugh outloud, especially the whole penis thing.


WWWWOOOW this movie was good! Really, a lot more than I expected! Very nice storylines, with some cool twists. Although in the future, some nice swordfighting and kung-fu action. Some parts were so freaking cool, I actually stood up on the couch.


I’m not much for these comedies, but this one was OK. That’s all I have to say.

Just Friends

I expected this to be another crappy date comedy, but it wasn’t. It was actually a pretty funny date comedy. I seriously think everyone should watch this one!

Well, I’m off to read The Pilgrimage by Coelho, then The Salmon Of Doubt by Adams, and watch the 40 Year Old Virgin.


4 Responses to “Mini Movie Reviews 2”

  1. Haha, haven’t posted anything in a while too.. thanks for the kind comments though.. You be good, and see ya next month 😀

  2. For sure, and quality over quantity – I always say

  3. 3 foo

    Serenity was outstanding ! I hope there are more in the works . This could be bigger than Star Wars. 🙂

  4. Although it SHOULD be bigger than Star Wars, since it HAS a plot, I don’t know if it will be. Star Wars has a crazy army of fans what probably won’t convert.

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