Digg Effect


Like many many others, I use digg. Digg is a great way to find some cool new websites, read some cool news, and kill time. Especially kill time. There is one seriously annoying thing about it though. The digg effect. When a popular link shows up on digg, all the diggers flock to that link, all together, and a lot of them, like lemmings. This tends to destroy the servers because of the insane influx of people, and the site becomes unviewable. That. Sucks. So, here is my question. HOW DOES DIGG NOT GET AFFECTED BY THE DIGG EFFECT? I mean seriously! What is it, magic? Can someone please explain this to me?


2 Responses to “Digg Effect”

  1. 1 sarah

    simple relly theyn have a vary powerfull server and can handle it

  2. Hehe, fair enough. That is sooome server though.

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