Nano Mini Review


As some of you (like 10) know, I recently got a 2gb black nano. Since I had it for about two weeks now, I figured I should write a mini-review about it. Thing is though, everyone already knows about all the big things like battery life, click wheel and things like that, so I will post about the little things, because people need to know those too.
My Likes:

  1. When nano is in sleep mode, when the earphones get plugged in, it turns on automatically
  2. When the earphones accidentally unhook, it pauses
  3. The nano boots up at the same second in the song you were listening to when you turned it off
  4. The screen is bright like a flashlight
  5. iTunes is amazing
  6. Got games. These are a lifesaver, seriously
  7. haxx0rability

My Dislikes:

  1. No pauses in games
  2. No calendar entry through iTunes – must use Outlook
  3. Games REALLY drain the battery
  4. Notepad isn’t well suited for books
  5. 200 mb is taken up by firmware
  6. Top Rated playlist doesn’t change until sync with iTunes
  7. Screen lock resets after each sync

Hope this clinches a purchase for some of you – it did for me (games)


2 Responses to “Nano Mini Review”

  1. Congrats on your new Nano!

    I’ve never used iPods before, but I heard the sound quality is the best. I use PocketTunes in my Palm T|E2 for occasional music listening.

  2. Thank you!

    I really cannot say much about the sound quality. I had a Benq Joybee and the sound wasn’t so great, but I didn’t mind. Most of my music is in 256 so it’s not perfect anyways. I set the equalizer to treble booster and get some nice sound from it.

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