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  When someone told me that there is a book that is better than the Da Vinci code, I didn't believe them. Then they said it's written by the same guy, and is very similar. I had to check it out, and after doing so I realised – not only is it better, it's a […]

I take some pretty nice photos, so I figured I should post one. Took this today, downtown Toronto. Please check out my Zooomr page for more. 

Today I went to fix up my Flash page which got destroyed when I switched themes, and I found something very interesting. Something that looks like this: Is it me, or is this new? Apparently WordPress put it a better image inserting system without telling me! It shows dimensions, allows you to put a black […]

A short review? I realise that I have not been reading much lately, so I decided to post a short review of a book I DID manage to read. First of all, I read the Alchemist half a year ago on a plane. Maybe it was the plane, or maybe it was the book but […]

Today when I was signing into Rogers Yahoo! Mail I was greeted by a pleasant surprise. The Mail beta went very public, and it’s inviting everyone, me included. At first I was greeted by an annoying loading screen (see below) but it went away fast enough. Shortly after the new interface loaded, and I was […]

I was floating arond the internet recently and I came across a few references to the fact that iTunes sucks. Apparently it’s not functional and hogs system resourses. I got a nano not too long ago, and I got around to using iTunes a lot, and I love it. These posts though, alarmed me. Maybe […]

Ok well, I haven’t been posting ANYTHING lately, and really, the quality of my blogging is really starting to slide. I’m writing a crackload of essays in english, and it’s putting a major dent in my writing energy. In fact english almost made me hate writing, reading and speaking so all I end up doing […]