iPod Nano Anticipation


It’s been coming for a while now. My mp3 player right now is a 128 mb Benq Joybee 210. 128 FREAKING mb. That’s 1 CD! And although I love it dearly, I also hate it with a passion (wait, did that make sense?), so it’s time to get myself a 2 gig nano. First things first, I installed iTunes, and I love it. Party shuffle is the greatest thing ever, and the Joe Cartoon podcasts bring hilarity closer than ever. The whole thing reeks or style. Of course, I AM getting a NANO, so I’m gonna need some serious protection. I went with:

Matias Armor for iPod Nano.

This thing is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, so my Nano won’t get killed by all the change I carry around. Boo. Yah.


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