Short Movie Reviews


I got a chance to look at a few movies and I decided to post my opinion about them.

Wedding Crashers – OK movie. Wasn’t nearly as funny as I expected, there were some majorly creepy parts, but I enjoyed it overall.

Dukes Of Hazzard – I liked it too, the car was cool, and the racing scenes were well done. Of course, they had Jackass, Burt Reynords, Willie Nelson and Jessica Simpsons, so it couln’t be THAT bad, right? And of course, they snuck in some boobs, just to sneak them in.

Transporter 2 – Pretty cool ass-kicky action. I’ve never seen a british guy kick so much butt. The racing stuff was waaay unrealistic, but very very cool, and I like his car.

Girl Next Door – This was funny, I liked it. Elisha Cuthbert is beautfiul, and the movie had some cool humour. The ending was funny too, with some cool characters in there.

That’s it for now. Soon – Serenity, Austin Powers 2, and maybe some more.


5 Responses to “Short Movie Reviews”

  1. I only got the chance to watch Transporter 2 amongst the 4 movies on your list; pretty cool indeed. Audi rocks my world 😛

  2. Watch Serenity ASAP. When I saw it in theatres I was absolutely blown away, IMO one of the best movies of last year. Make sure you also chekc out the Firefly TV series.

  3. Hmm thanks, I’ve heard really good things about it, so it’s definitely next on my list.

  4. Hey watch out.. spam this.

  1. 1 new movie

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