Zooomr Beta


No, that’s the right amout of o’s! Zooomr Beta is a giant rip off from Flickr, (hence the name) and I love it. Most functions are the same, many flickr’s funtions are lacking(hence the beta) but the browsing is AWESOME. They also got geo-tagging(which I don’t know how to use yet) and a bunch of other stuff. More is coming. If you make an account, please friend-refer me, it gives me a higher upload limit. Anyways, if you sign up (which you don’t have to do if you have a gmail or livejournal, or meetro (and some others) account) go to Photos, and click recent. If you click the little flowery thing in the corner of a photo, a magical thing happens! This is called LightBox, which is basically a fancy name for pretty-looking picture browsing. There are also some nice small things, like the second half of the URL being the page title, and the fact that the service is very community oriented(13 localizations so far) .Check it out. Here is a screenshot(hosted on Flickr) Click for full view.

Check out my Zooomr page [Here]

Update: If you looked at the comments, you will see that Mr. Tate (the guy who made ths thing) upped my account to Pro. As I mentioned, I appreciate this a lot, and I will of course post a lot more picture soon.


2 Responses to “Zooomr Beta”

  1. That little flower-thing is actualy called LightBox, and I’m glad you like it — It’s just the start of something even more grand.

    If you would like to know more about it, go to the URL below:


    Also, to check-out and read-up on Zooomr GeoTagging try this URL:


    Thanks for using Zooomr,

    Kristopher Tate

    (PS, I upped your account to Pro.)

  2. Mr. Tate:

    Thank you very much for your comment, it is very much appreciated. The lightbox function is a very aestetically pleasing way of displaying pictures, in fact the whole Zooomr site is designed well. I like the feature that shows the page title as the URL address that goes after beta.zooomr. I will add this information to the article.

    I also appreciate the account upgrade a lot, this will give me a chance to contribute more to the Zooomr community, thank you very much.


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