Long Exposure


I got a change to go skiing today, and on the way back I snapped this awesome photo. I was playing around with long exposure on my Finepix F10. Click for large view.


6 Responses to “Long Exposure”

  1. Long exposures, much fun indeed! Wait ’till you see the differences when you’re using a tripod. 😀

  2. This was actually taken when I was in a car, so a tripod wouldn’t help there. I’ll see what I can do with one, since I have an old tripod that doesn’t get much use, since my last camera couldn’t take night shots at all.

  3. that’s totally sweet. what on earth is it? headlights?


  4. Yeah, most of it is. This is like an intersection of something and something, so there are some billboards, street signs, whatever.

  5. 5 gaminghobo

    Very nice. It’s my desktop now. 🙂

  6. I really appreciate the positive feedback, as I am an amateur photographer. Did you check out the other two? If not, please click the MyZooomr link on the side bar. 🙂

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