New Music


Ok well, I’ve been trying out some new music lately. I got a bunch of albums to listen to. They are Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand, Franz Ferdinand – You Could Have It So Much Better, Gorillaz – Demon Days and soon Depeche Mode – Playing The Angel. Both the Franz albums I liked a lot, I thought they were cool. Gorillaz was way too trippy for me, so I’m gonna say nay to it. Depeche mode should be good.

I was also watching The Office season 1, which is awesome as well. I love the joke when he puts everything in jello. Brilliant.


2 Responses to “New Music”

  1. putting a stapler in jelly, i mean come on… thats just brilliant 😀

  2. Are you kidding? The show is full os awesome jokes. Some are a little … mean or whatever, but nevertheless awesome.

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