The Animatrix


I was in for quite a treat today, as when I was at a friends house I was able to FINALLY watch the Animatrix. This is a series of cartoons (9 of them) that are a pretext to the Matrix. Each cartoon is stylized very differently from others. Each has a distinct theme, a distinct moral, a story, a meaning. The cartoons were amazing. The Final Flight Of The Osiris for it’s amazing quality. Matriculated for the interpretation of a robot-human relationship. Each cartoon had something to offer. Really something great. The Animatrix is a work of art. I recommend it to any Matrix fans, or anyone who likes cartoon, kung fu, special effects, robots and super-l33t skateboarding glitching flying destroying action.

P.S. To anyone who didn’t understand how everything happened, this is for you.

P.S.S Download free Animatrix episodes at the website (google the animatrix)

F.Y.I. I posted a Downloads Page

B.R.B. G.T.G. Eat.


8 Responses to “The Animatrix”

  1. 1 gaminghobo

    I’ve got this on DVD and I too enjoyed them a lot. It’s a shame they add more to the Matix universe than either of the two mediocre follow-up films.

  2. I heard those were so awful that I decided not to watch them. Still didn’t.

  3. I think if you are a fan of the series they are interesting enough to watch… I know they are kind of lame, but still entertaining enough to sit through.

    The video game was pretty interesting though: Path of Neo

  4. Lame? Are you kidding? They were awesome!

  5. OH I meant the movies are lame, not the cartoons… The cartoons kick ass

  6. Yeah, I thought something was off there. The first one was pretty groundbreaking, I never thought there could be a proper continuation.

  7. i need this movie animatrix

  8. It’s not really a movie, it’s a series of cartoons.

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