Cool Cellphones Are Uncool


I got a cellphone for christmas and it is the most getto, sh1tty, awkward and weird thing ever. It has a flashlight, but doesnt support text messages from Russia (im dead serious). The one thing I am proud of though is the fact that I didn’t buy it just to be cool, I got because it because I needed it.

Take 2 cases. One of my friends got a RAZR. It looks nice, he got himself a bluetooth adapter, he takes advantage of all the nice stuff that comes with it. Another friend got another RAZR. She doesn’t know what Bluetooth is, but the likes how it “glows pretty”. Come on. For that much money could have gotten a handbag or some shoes or something.

Too many people buy cellphones so they can set the ringtone to blaring loud, download super ringtones and show it off at any occasion. And don’t tell me that’s wrong, I’ve seen people pull out their cell phones in the subway on numerous occasions. This is quite said. Come on, it’s cellphone. Don’t make a big deal!

Same with iPods. iPods are really awesome things, they play music, they have podcasts, then got the clickwheel, and they are awesome in general. But some people but a nano (I mean their daddy buys it for them) only to crack it on the next day like a chestnut. (or the other way around, whatever) Is this a rant? I THINK SO!


9 Responses to “Cool Cellphones Are Uncool”

  1. alright, i agree with u completely. society these days, useless useless things they are making people prone to following trends do. we must start making people rebel!

  2. I totally do agree with you both, too. I believe cellphones are made to be.. cellphones! That simple. No need for polyphonic tones (I hate them..) or flashing lights.

    I prefer a handheld which would help me organize my life and studies, play games on spare time, listen to music, watch videos, and view photos.

    ..And the average handheld is way cheaper than the average cell, though the former is much more versatile.

  3. I got an iPod mini for xmas 2 years ago and I enjoyed it, but my boss bought me a Nano for this xmas so I gave the mini to the girlfriend… I feel like the Nano could break at any second when I dont have it in the plastic case they got me to go with it… the case is cool though, its a Red Sox case so I am happy with that…

    The mini is much stronger than the Nano, they should have thought about developing that one a little more…

  4. I have a crappy 128mb Benq Joybee. It has more dents that an alcoholics car.

  5. 5 jada

    i think cellphones are overrated because peopple do show off the most anoting ringtones. like when a group is standing in the corner playing it over and over. then it’s stuck in you head all day.

  6. J, I need to be doing your job. A Nano from your boss? Wow. I got this from my boss for Christmas: nothing.

    I agree with paradox though; people who buy these things just to show off how they’ve got the latest gadget need to take a long, hard look at themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I love new technology as much as the next man, but I buy them for my own pleasure – not to show off how trendy I am (not an accusation I’ll ever have thrust towards me, I fear).

  7. I think my brother said something quite wise. If not wise, something that made a lot of sense. He has his cellphone at vibrate at all times. ALL times. He said that ringtones in public are rude, and should be turned off. I have to turn mine up, because I don’t feel the vibrating thing, but at least mine is the default nokia tune that doesn’t piss people off.

  8. Trendthrift: Yeah I work for a good boss, but I am actually moving to a different company now… Along with the Nano he knows that I like Port wine too and got me a bottle of Vintage 1985 Grahams Port…


  9. Wow this is getting kind of off topic here, but that’s good too. You guys seen the new 1 gig nano? Looks like something affordable, decent and Apple at the same time.

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