Done Exams


Ok, well my math exam was today, which mean I am all done with the exams. Go me. Anyways, now that I don’t have to study much I will probably have a lot more time to post, work in flash and just do stuff. Tomorrow I am going to go skiing to Blue Mountain, maybe go out to a french restaurant with my friends (my dream has always been to wear a kilt, get corn rows, speak in a russian accent, call everyone Gaston, and sneak into the wine cellar when no one is looking [not really, but wouldn’t that be funny?]) And then maybe find something else to do. I have a few Flash games in mind that I will try to complete. Some stuff coming up.


2 Responses to “Done Exams”

  1. Where is Blue Mountain?

  2. I believe blue mountain is north west of Toronto, about 150 km. Beside Barrie.

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