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This is just something I wrote for school Since we were little kids we were always taught to share. Since the time when you shared a mud pie with a friend to the time when you share your joy and your tears with your friends, sharing was very important. Of course there are simple ways […]

I Like Skating


I like skating. It’s the only sport that Russians are good at, and no one can deny it. Well, that and drinking. We say it’s not true, but it really is. Lately though, skating has become exceedingly dangerous. Maybe not as dangerous as spelunking, or shark-baiting, or telling your girlfriend she’s gained weight, but nevertheless […]

It’s been coming for a while now. My mp3 player right now is a 128 mb Benq Joybee 210. 128 FREAKING mb. That’s 1 CD! And although I love it dearly, I also hate it with a passion (wait, did that make sense?), so it’s time to get myself a 2 gig nano. First things […]

I got a chance to look at a few movies and I decided to post my opinion about them. Wedding Crashers – OK movie. Wasn’t nearly as funny as I expected, there were some majorly creepy parts, but I enjoyed it overall. Dukes Of Hazzard – I liked it too, the car was cool, and […]

Ok, well since I was granted the Pro Zooomr account I am taking full advante of it, and uploading a ton of pics. If you want to see them, please click the My Zooomr link on the sidebar, or just click [here] Here are some thubnails:

Zooomr Beta


No, that’s the right amout of o’s! Zooomr Beta is a giant rip off from Flickr, (hence the name) and I love it. Most functions are the same, many flickr’s funtions are lacking(hence the beta) but the browsing is AWESOME. They also got geo-tagging(which I don’t know how to use yet) and a bunch of […]

Long Exposure


I got a change to go skiing today, and on the way back I snapped this awesome photo. I was playing around with long exposure on my Finepix F10. Click for large view.