Windows Live Messenger Beta Test


Ok, well I finally got an invite to try out Windows Live Messenger, and I am quite impressed. Although impressed may not be the right word here. I really like the updated look. Other than that, not much new stuff here I think. Uh, there’s the shared folders thing, which I won’t use because it requiers the NTFS file system, and some minor, but cool things. Followinf ICQ you can now appear offline, but still talk to people. You can also send messages to people who are offline, and they will recieve it once they sign in. The “Send An Instant Message” window has been updates, but that bugs me is that the email isn’t shown in the tooltips. Other than that, no compaints, and the look it great. Looks very Vista-esque. One function that I did enjoy though, is the option to scroll all the way to the bottom of a conversation, which proved useful.
Anyways, good news from the WordPress theme. YouTube is a great thing to put in. I hope to see swf (flash) file embed soon, great job guys! Also looking forward to theme friday.


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