American Idol


I was watching Americal Idol yesterday (hopefully most of you know the show) and I was blown away. The people who come there are amazing. There was a guy with pigtails, there was Rhodetta who said that Paula Abdul has nothing on her, there was a guy who drinks hot sauce shots before his audition, a guy in a fire suit and more. You know what? Somewhere in out orbit are aliens from another planet. Right now they are watching Americal Idol and saying, “Ok, screw these guys, we’re going to Uranus”


2 Responses to “American Idol”

  1. I only watch the audition episodes… highest of comedy. It it unbelievable that people like this are actually walking this planet, and not just this planet… they live right in the US… just another reason on the big list of why everyone hates us…

    btw, thanks for the add to the “BlogRock”!

  2. Yeah, well I thought BlogRoll was outdated.

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