Personal Injury Release Form


Amusing little anecdote from my childhood.

I was about 10-11 I guess, and my family put together a big dinner for some occasion that I do not recall at this point. Hopefully not because I was drunk. So anyways, I ate my own weight’s worth in pickles, cheesepie, pork, mushrooms, cake and tea and my stomach sounded like a Hemi on a bad day. I went to bed, and while twisting and turning like a tilt-a-whirl I managed to spin off the bed and in a lapse of genius break my pinky. Any normal person would have woken up, but not me. I lay there like a sleeping moron moaning and groaning like a guy who just broke his pinky. Oh wait.. I did.

So I woke up in the morning, with some serious “floor hair” and some major pinky pain. When I looked at it I saw something that I found to be kind of curious. It was all purple and blue and as thick as my thumb. “Hmm, that wasn’t like that yesterday, was it?” So I went to my mom to help me solve this dilemma. Her reaction I found was curious as well. Her face turned all white-ish and she took me to the hospital. I had to wear a cast for 3 weeks, and that was kinda awkward. “Hey, how did you break your pinky?” “Oh. I uh..fell off my bed”


One Response to “Personal Injury Release Form”

  1. Haha .. hilarious~!

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