Flashed (8)


I recently got Flash 8, and I was just trying out new things. As I said before, I am a complete n00b, I know no ActionScript, but I still make things, just for fun. Made a new one recently, here it is.

Paradox Scatter

Not much really, but nevertheless.


4 Responses to “Flashed (8)”

  1. Not bad actually. Just needs some polishing and I think it would’ve been better if it was a little bit faster… I haven’t checked you Flash section yet, but I will very soon..

    I used to be a Flash enthusiast too a couple of years ago. I spent a lot of time working on Macromedia Flash and Swish, but the results weren’t so.. you know..!

    Keep up!

  2. Thanks for the critisism, I appreciate it. I will definitely make it faster, but I found that it takes longer on slower computers. Hold the Tab key for some fast results.

  3. The ‘tab’ tip works! Thanks!

  4. heh. that’s pretty cool.


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